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Be The Light You Want to See In The World

This week in support of Phil's early spring, we are bringing the power of sunlight into homes with the use of solar panels to help light the way for the future generation! Help us create sustainable and renewable energy for those in need!
Join us in supporting the sun-driven projects below!

Project of the week: Solar Power to the Children! 

Kasambara is a village in the Rift Valley of Kenya with population of around 6,000 people, most of whom live without electricity. The lack of electricity prohibits this community from any number of opportunities including everything from access to the internet to basic indoor lighting. There are more than 800 homesteads that could benefit from this program. If successful, it will open up access to communication, such as charging phones, increased knowledge through time to study, improved education, improved health, and more!

Click here to donate!

ChangeFunder Impact: Meet Janet Oduol!

Janet is a one of a kind human being partnered with the ChangeFunder community for on the ground change. Janet founded and has been supporting vulnerable children through her orphanage since 2002. Suba Childrens Project also known as Suba Foundation is a child centered organization operating without political, religious or governmental affiliations.  The Organization is dedicated to improving lives of orphans and the most vulnerable children in accessing basic education and health care. Kids supported by Janet have often become successful and occasionally donate to help. Janet believes ChangeFunder can help initiate self-sustaining projects, and you can help her tremendous efforts here!  

About ChangeFunder

ChangeFunder's mission is to change the world by facilitating direct and ongoing global connections between people of means and people of need over a single digital platform. 

ChangeFunder is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs who want to make a contribution to a better world, by using technology to empower community leaders to share their ideas and needs, and connect them to benevolent individuals willing to support them.  

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