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22 April 2014 
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Dear TAS Members and Friends,

HAPPY EASTER! I am delighted to announce that the Spring 2014 edition of our TEESSCAPES eMagazine is now available to read online and download to your computer in PDF format.

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  • Society News | 02
  • You, Me and Dmanisi | 04
    The Exciting and Complicated World of Human
    Evolution | David Mennear
  • Education Before History | 08
    A National Curriculum Revolution | Kim Biddulph
  • Redcar’s Prehistoric Forest | 14
    Axe Marks the Spot? | Spencer Carter
  • Street House Before the Saxons | 25
    New Exhibition at Kirkleatham Museum | Stephen Sherlock
  • #FlintFriday | 29
    A weekly celebration of ancient flint things on Twitter
  • Take the HERITAGE CRIME Test! | 30
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Lecture Reminder

This is a reminder for our next lecture at Stockton Central Library*, Tuesday 29 April kicking off at 7.30pm. If you haven't already collected your 2014 Membership Card, please talk to Ed Higgins after you have signed in. Guests are welcome for £4 each on the door, but annual membership makes much more sense. Find out how to join on our website.

*Visit our website for travel directions.

April 29 | Dead but not forgotten: Early Bronze Age burials in North East England


Chris Fowler, Newcastle University

The period between c. 2500 and 1500 BC saw dramatic changes in how the remains of the dead were treated. This talk draws on the results of a recent analysis of over 350 Early Bronze Age burials in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham. How and why did funerals here change during the Early Bronze Age? What kinds of objects were buried with the dead and why? Not all funerals led to burial—so why were some of the dead buried in this period, and what impact did this have?


Kind Regards,

Spencer Carter | TAS Chair & eCommunications


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