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Fear Better

I used to think I wanted to be fearless. 
I mean, wouldn't we all want to be a woman among women, facing every day with wisdom & confidence?  Seeing our vision, firmly setting daily, weekly and lifelong goals and then being organized and balanced enough to dutifully check them off the list right on time?  Please!!  That is not my daily reality.  I'm guessing it may not be yours either.  We're human.  Whether our goal is loosing 5 pounds or starting a new business, doubt and procrastination (all stemming from fear of some sort) can derail us faster than any outside force we might face along our path.  We've come to believe that fear is to be avoided but the truth is, our emotions are all real and should be respected; good or bad.
What I am now learning; and it took long enough, is that fear is healthy for us.  It's staying stuck in it that's not.   If I don't push through fear from time to time then I will have no way of teaching myself that I can overcome difficult things.  Not facing fear makes us weak. We will become complacent and ruled by our fear of the unknown.  Yuk!
I am constantly finding myself in places where I have a choice to make.   Big or small.  I desire a certain outcome or see myself accomplishing something.  I can choose to be miracle minded and push through my fears or I can let my doubts and uncertainty take the lead and tell me that, since there is a possibility of failure, I had better tread lightly or, worse yet, not tread at all.
This cycle of desire felt and desire potentially satisfied is ultimately the rhythm of all our lives.  It is up to us how we act on it.  It helps to remember that these are the places we grow.  Our emotional muscles need a workout routine too and these are the opportunities to strengthen them and to feel the pride that comes with having done so.  It's not about a good or a bad outcome.  It's about the pursuit of a vision and personal power.
Start big or small it's up to you but believe that there is really nothing to fear.  The universe ultimately has your back and you will land exactly where you are supposed to be.
Yes, I used to want to be I just want to be courageous and faithful!!
Much Love, Margie
Courage is resistance to fear and mastery of fear.  It is not the absence of fear
                                                                                       Mark Twain


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