The Oldest Methods of Healing are now The Newest Methods of Healing


Get in the Act
Like anyone else, I enjoy my morning coffee, red wine, chocolate or a good bar burger from time to time.  However, by and large, I have been a seeker of wellness and a healthier way of living for years now.  I would comb through books on nutrition and spirituality looking for any resources that would bring me a healthier body and a balanced state of being.  My choices at times were quite limited; as was the information to even teach me what those choices should be.  I would drive miles to a Whole Foods so that I could pay a fortune for organic produce with little shelf life left on it.  Whole grain breads and almond milk were not so available nor were grass fed meats and non GMO anything.   Not to mention the supplements I bought!  Who knew it didn't have to be that hard or that expensive?    My friends and family would lovingly roll their eyes at me and call me “nuts & berries” or “the health nut” (A title I wore proudly).
While my intention was on target, what I lacked then that we have plenty of now is the availability of products and information that help us decide how to properly care for this body that we pray is going to carry us into old age.    Everywhere I look I see people making changes toward a physically and emotionally higher state.  Yoga studios, local organic grocers, workplace wellness programs, and the list goes on.  There are more the norm than not.  Wellness is officially a revolution.  It's an exciting time to be in this field and I feel blessed to do what I love.  And to, on some level, make a difference in the lives of others is the icing on the cake.
My studies now, as a student in the field of Positive Psychology, are giving some credibility to what this “health nut” has sensed all along..that the mind/body connection is very real and not just some new age catch phrase.  While ongoing research shows us the benefits of fueling our bodies with the proper nutrition,  it also bears witness to the effects of fueling our mind and spirit as well.
What to do with all this accessible wellness?  When so many choices are available what do we choose?   I'm glad you asked!  Before I had a yoga studio, I taught yoga in the back room of a bowling alley hearing pins crashing and people yelling strike while we lay in Savasana.  (I can almost see you laughing at the image).  It was the only thing available to me and I didn’t care...I believed in yoga and I was determined to share it.

For 6 years now, I have used almost exclusively Arbonne health & beauty products.  I’ve taken a good long time to study the products and the company and I feel passionate about them.  As with yoga and massage, I feel driven to share that gift with everyone I know.   Arbonne is more than lotion & makeup.  Beauty comes from the inside out and their supplements and nutritional products are the highest quality I have used. We all need a good source we can believe in.  For a very long time, I paid more than I needed to for most of my skin care products at the health food store.   I knew about the ingredients that the cosmetic industry uses and where they come from.   As a massage therapist I also know that what we put on our skin we are essentially digesting!! Yikes!  Read the label on your products.  Trust me, it's nothing you want to eat.  Arbonne was the first green beauty company and maintains very high standards of integrity.  In the months to come I will be making this information and these products available to everyone by way of wellness get-togethers at The Center as well as information and products on our website.  More info on details to follow but, in the mean time, please feel free to contact me any time.
As always, we at The Center are here to help you reclaim and maintain your good health with bodywork, yoga, nutrition and workshops.  Check out Leah's Healing Sutras workshop below and the addition of her new Monday morning class .  
Much Love, Margie

Starting September 15th
We will be adding Monday Morning Gentle Flow with Leah to our class schedule check out our schedule.

Current Class Schedule

Monday-Gentle Flow 9:30am ( Sept.15th) 
Monday- Sculpt & Tone 6:30pm 

Tuesday- Mat Pilates 6:00pm
Tuesday-Candlelight Gentle Flow 7:15pm
Wednesday- Gentle Flow 10:00am
Wednesday- Core Yoga 6:00pm 
Thursday- Gentle Flow 6:00pm
Friday- Gentle Flow 10:00am
Introduction to The Healing Sutras Workshop & Healing Hatha Yoga Flow

September 6th from 9:00am - 12:30pm

with Leah Slagenwhite

Cost- $25
Seats are limited!

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