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Appreciating Appreciation
               In his book "The Peaceful Warrior" Dan Millman, tells the story of a man he met while working on a construction site.  Every day, as the men sat down to lunch, he would open his lunchbox and say "Oh no, not peanut butter and jelly again! I hate peanut butter and jelly!".  Finally one man said to him "Every day you complain about this Sam.  Why don't you just tell your 'old lady' to make you something else?"  His reply.. "What old lady? I am not married. I make my own lunch every day"
                So I wonder, how often are we creating our own reality; making our own sandwiches?  We fail to realize that we are co-creators in many of the experiences we manifest here in our lives?  And then we feel  victimized or stuck by them just the same.  It's rather ludicrous to think about but it is often the case. 
                Many of us, myself included, have felt the helplessness that comes with extreme moments of despair or pain.  Those are different and, unfortunately, they can be unavoidable.  But during the broad strokes of our daily lives, we often have the ability to create a different reality for ourselves.     
                Setting goals and boundaries are important for sure yet, there are so often times when it is as simple as changing our perception of a situation. This is not a new and groundbreaking concept yet we often forget it's power.  Happiness is much more contingent on our state of mind that on the status of the weather report, our bank account or even our relationships than we may think it is.
                We also know that,  through the mind body connection,  becoming a benefit finder rather than a negativity finder can have a very positive effect on our overall health & well-being.  Studies in the field of positive psychology prove this to be factual.  As much as I know it, I am always working to remember it.  My guess is that you may be also. 
                So, in this season of Thanksgiving , let's focus on the power of "Appreciating Appreciation".  Remembering that when we appreciate the good in our appreciates and grows.  If this little newsletter gives you pause to do so, even for a moment, then I have done my part.  Thank you for taking the time to read it all year and thank you for making The Center a Happy and Positive place.
Much Love, Margie

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