The oldest methods of healing are now the
newest methods of healing.

The Way You Do The Things You Do

In yoga class we bring awareness to the practice of the asana.  How our body responds, where we can make adjustments in order to find balance, and establishing a sense of calm and present moment awareness as we maintain the pose and transition to another. 
If we were to come to the mat with only the end result (in this case the end of class) in sight, we would take very little away from the experience. The benefit is in the journey (the practice itself).    The journey begins with an openness to challenge ourselves on some level, to be willing to learn what our limits may be today and bring the desire to challenge those limits because that's where we grow in our practice and in ourselves.

 Now think about those dynamics and how they apply to our life's journey.  There is much talk these days about visualizing your dreams to make them a reality.  Books like “Think and Grow Rich”,  “The Secret” and thousands of other well meaning self help books tell us that if you can just see it you can have it!!    I would agree that positive thinking is essential, however, we are falling short if we don't also visualize and even savor the journey (challenges and all).   

 In a study done by Shelly Taylor at UCLA in 2005, students were asked to visualize getting high scores in the upcoming finals; to see the end result as a 4.0.  Those students scored no higher than those who did not participate in the study at all.  A second group, however,  was asked to also visualize the high scores but also to see and to even embrace the challenges that they would face on their way to the goal.  They spent time being with the vision of what adjustments they would make in order to accomplish this reality.   Would they study more, forgo certain social events, etc.?    The students who visualized the journey as well as the goal succeeded, scored considerably higher, AND reported that they enjoyed the process along the way.

 What I love most about yoga is not toned arms and a strong core (although those are a benefit).  I love the process.  I love the way we sink into our present moment.  We find harmony in the dance that our breath and body do together.  We are open and willing to face the tougher poses and test our limits just a bit, seeing the places where minor adjustments may take us to that sweeter spot.  It is here that we see  our mind & body are stronger than we may realize.  We then take that gift off of the mat and into our lives in a way that helps us to transition life challenges in a more mindful and beneficial way.

 Enjoy your journey and remember that the gifted and passionate staff here at The Center are anxious to help you find your way.
Much Love, Margie
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