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February 2015
When to Replace Your Treadmill Belt
While regular Preventative Maintenance Services will help extend the lifespan of your treadmill, your equipment will still undergo some normal wear and tear. Our technicians frequently come across clients that ask how to know when it is time to replace the belt on their treadmill. Here is what our experts have to say:

Look for Common Signs of Wear
  • Glazing - reduction of ridges and obvious sheen on the belt
  • Fading Print - when the printed manufacturer's name on the belt is no longer visible
  • Popping or Cracking Under Your Feet - not only the sensation, but also a popping or cracking noise while the treadmill is in use
  • Visible Splitting or Run - if you are able to see the threading of the belt, or the belt shows signs of fraying
  • Belt is No Longer Centered - will occur over time and needs to be re-centered
  • Visible Ridges between the Belt and Back Roller - this is the result of wax and dust buildup that occurs over time
  • Warping of the Belt - occurs due to the belt being over-tightened
If you begin to notice any of these common signs of wear in your treadmill, we advise that you mark that piece of equipment as "Out of Order" and contact a US Sport Tech Representative as soon as possible. 

As a US Sport Tech VIP Client, you are guaranteed a 24-hour response time for all on-call repairs such as diagnosing and replacing a belt on your treadmill. If you think that you need to replace the belt on your treadmill, contact US Sport Tech to schedule your next appointment today!
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