Spring Naturopathic Fun Tips
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Spring is in the Air!

By Dr. Krystal Tellier

I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy!  We are well into spring and approaching summer fast.  My intention with our quarterly newsletter is to provide educational tips and to inform you about special news that is happening at the clinic.  

Our special announcement for this coming month, is we will be featured on Living Social for Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing.  In this promotion we will be offering testing at a screaming rate of $199.  Be sure to be perusing Living Social the week of May 6-13 in order to purchase this fabulous deal.  Also included in this deal is the option for a discounted immune/energy boost shot.

As Spring cleaning is underway, I wanted to remind you that some common non-toxic ingredients at home can aid you in your cleaning efforts:
1. Hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to bleach for whitening efforts
2. Simmered clove and cinnamon as natural air fresheners
3. Baking soda plus apple cider vinegar for cleaning tubs and toilets, and for more abrasive cleaning add salt for scrubbing
4. White vinegar for window cleaning, floors and countertops
5. Baking soda added to rinse cycle of clothes washing for its fabric softening abilities
6. Essential oils, like Thyme, Lavender, Tea Tree oil, as natural antiseptics and antimicrobial agents.  Dilute these to make home made wipes or sprays in glass bottles.

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Physical activity is crucial for lifelong health and wellness.  This combined with quality food should serve as your daily medicine and is far more important than any other supplement out there.  Remember when developing an exercise plan, we do not only run or lift weights.  We must combine stretching, with strength training, with cardiovascular activities and even fun activities like tennis or basketball.  Another important consideration that even if you are not going to the gym each day, move your body every day...take the stairs or park at end of parking lot to increase your movement each day.
For years we have been talking about using extra virgin cold pressed olive oil in our diet.  But did you know that today extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil is the new oil of moment. Many have heard me speak in practice of using this food also as medicine in the home.  We use this topically for dry irritated skin, and also for some topical fungal infections this may contribute to the antimicrobial function of a home remedy.  Some patients joke that they never thought they would have a bottle of this in the kitchen but also the bathroom!
A bold but true statement. Something to think about when we want to make excuses on how busy we are and that is why we do not have time to be healthy. It takes less time to incorporate small changes on a daily basis, then it does to be out sick.
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