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We're Moving!
Not far...
Across the courtyard to Suite 115!

Dr. Tellier and her staff at Health for Life Naturopathic Medicine are moving their office within the same complex but in a new and improved space.  This move will not only allow us to spread our wings into a larger suite, it will also allow us to offer you more therapy options within the practice.  Please come visit us the first week of November as we expand into our new suite with a new and upgraded acupuncture and treatment room, and an area unique for Nutrient IV therapy!  In the month of November, to celebrate our move, we will be offering 3 Acupuncture treatments for the price of 2 and Myers Nutrient IV's for only $65 (reguarly $95). We invite you to schedule your appointment today to take advantage of these great rates!

Nutrient IV Therapy

IV therapy delivers high dose vitamins and minerals into the blood stream so it may reach cells in your body without first passing through the digestive tract. For some, inadequate digestive health prevents optimal absorption of nutrients from food or supplements.  IV therapy also helps deliver high doses of vitamins and minerals which aid in fighting infections like colds, flus or other viral or bacterial infections.  This therapy also helps alleviate fatigue, immune dysfunction, and nutritional deficiencies.  For the month of November, our clinic will be offering Myer's Vitamin C IV's for only $65 (regular price is $95). IV's are available by appointment.

Worried about the Flu?

But not so sure about the flu vaccine? Come and receive a homeopathic flu preventative injection for only $30! Already have the flu, then this shot is for you too!  This injection works by stimulating the immune system to fight off viral infections.  Call to schedule an injection or walk in's welcome during normal business hours.
Other home measures to prevent the flu are: hand washing frequently but especially before touching face or consuming foods/drinks, gargle at night with salt water or listerine, and rinse nose out daily with saline (ie a neti pot), support immune system, elderberry syrup, healthy eating and sleeping habits.

Krystal Tellier, ND, CPM

Dr. Krystal Tellier is a Naturopathic Physician and Midwife.  Dr. Tellier treats the whole person with therapies that are the least invasive and most effective. She looks for the cause of each individual person’s disease, and uses therapies that are curative, rather than just symptomatic relief. She believes that one’s health must address the mind, body and spirit. She promotes balance and moderation within her patients, and hopes that with proper healing, her patients may return to enjoying their lives.

Deal of the Month

Vitamin D: Stock up on your vitamin D this fall with the mention of this newsletter you will get an extra 15% off!  Vitamin D helps support a healthy immune system, especially during cold and flu season.  Studies have found a decrease incidence in flu, cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, chronic illness and many other health imbalances when individuals have a stable vitamin D level.  Vitamin D should be tested yearly and if you are due check with Dr. Tellier to have it tested in office.
Food Fact. Spinach is a powerful plant food. It can be prepared in numerous methods including: chopped, steamed, wilted, sauteed, creamed, blended.  Spinach is high in flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-caroteine, manganese, zinc, selenium, lutein, vitamin K and iron.  To absorb the most nutrients from this food, lightly steam to break down fibers gently and then consume with the juice you steamed the spinach in. Check out the recipe on my website at . 
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