Several you have told us you haven't heard about some of the latest ADSL loop extender improvments.  So we've decided to start this mailing list to bring you occasional product updates.  Feel free to unsubscribe if you don't want to know. 

A Rural Telco Strategy for the Connect America Fund

Beginning this year there is an FCC program to transition the high-cost Universal Service Fund to make incentives available to telephone companies that provide broadband in unserved areas.  This effort defines broadband as 4 Mbits downstream and 1 Mbit upstream moving to 6 Mbits down and 1.5 Mbits up in a few years.  

Go the Extra Mile for Connect America Funds

Some rural telephone companies seem to think that getting ADSL to subscribers in areas with less than 30 subscribers per square mile is not cost effective. We would like to have the opportunity to show you how to use your CAF funding to provide broadband service to areas with as few as seven subscribers per square mile. Click here to check out our Go The Extra Mile whitepaper

Connect America and Annex M - New Product Notice 

Traditional ADSL2+ Annex A will not be able to meet the CAF requirement for 1.5 Mbit upstream and will have challenges meeting 1 Mbit upstream requirement.  We have created a new Annex M loop extender that we believe will be the most cost effective answer for rural telephone companies to meet the special challenges this new requirement will create.  Download our Connect America Strategy whitepaper or join our linkedin group to learn more.

Take the Lead 

Take the Lead with yard signs and caps!  Whenever you enable a new area with ADSL Loop Extenders, put out yard signs announcing "HIGH SPEED INTERNET Now Available".  Take a look at this for inspiration then let us help you make a sign or cap to meet your needs.  We will give you a free yard sign with each loop extender ordered or a free ball cap with each 8 port. Get promotional Materials Here

Tip for Loop Extender Placement

We have a bandwidth estimator that can help you decide the best place to put the loop extender and predict what bandwidth you will get at the end user location.  You just tell it the wire gauge and length for each wire section.   But if you don't have time to fuss with all that, we've got a short cut that will get you up and running faster. Just go half way to the customer, take out your test set and make sure you read at least 20 dB of upstream attenuation and get a sync rate that meets your profile objectives. Install the extender there. If the speed is too low, move closer to the DSLAM. If the attenuation is too low, move further away.

Summer is coming; are you prepared?

Summer brings troubles for ADSL service.  The higher temperatures mean the lines sag and resistance gets a little higher.  That means the ADSL loop looks just a little longer and some will start having service problems. That subscriber that was just barely making his speed profile in December will be complaining soon.  Be prepared with a line powered ADSL loop extender. 


Don't forget that we run weekly webinars on Fridays.  You can choose to attend either of two sessions:  "ADSL Loop Extender Training" or "Connect America and Annex M".    If that doesn't suit your schedule call us and we can make one just for you.  Sign up today for a free ADSL Loop Extender Webinar

iPad Contest

Post your loop extender story on our facebook or linkedIn page and we will enter you in a contest for an iPad. Tell us an entertaining story about your loop extender adventures. Maybe you won back the school district business because you brought DSL to the superintendent's farm. Or maybe you just have an awesome photo. We will also give out ten second prizes -- your choice between $50 gift card, signs, hats or another loop extender. find us on Facebook linkedin group

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