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and I watched the sun through the small leaves of a tree
outside, and I didn't have any wonderful thoughts,
I didn't have any immortal thoughts,
and that was the best


Photo by Alan Shaffer: 

Happy Autumnal Equinox—Finally!


It’s that time again (obviously) for the fall newsletter and I hope it finds you doing as excellent as can be. I also hope everyone is—at long last—cooling down now from the recent heatwave, which seemed to be profusely hell-sweltering and phantasmatically humid, right? Even here in Joshua Tree, where it’s normally a bearable dry heat, it was muggy, spongy, soggy, grueling, and exhausting, and nobody likes that! I don't know, maybe some people do?


Well anyway, as some of you know, I put up my solo show, THIS LAND at Craig Krull Gallery earlier this month. I’m very happy with the way it looks for sure. I’ve got lots of details about all this with even more pictures on my blog if you’re interested in seeing it all and reading more of my pedantic, schmaltzy writing.

Photo by Alan Shaffer: 

The opening reception was very well attended. All the galleries at Bergamot Station had openings at the same time, too, so the crowd was kickin’ and hopping. It was “fire,” as the kids say. It was fire all right; hotter than a crowded elevator in a basement in Hades. And I hardly had the time to see my own show because I was caught in one sweaty conversation after another. Old friends seemed to show up out of the ether, which certainly surprised me.

My big drawing installation wall was a big hit. People said they loved it. It also informed the show and what it’s all about (the desert). Some people even made it an opportunity to post on Instagram.


Artist's Talk!

The show will be up until the 22nd of October, and there’s still an Artist’s Talk coming up on the morning of Saturday, October 1st at 11:00 AM. It will be moderated by LA WEEKLY’s art editor, Shana Nys Dambrot. We also expect this event to be well-attended. So, if you're thinking of going, it's important that you RSVP the gallery by phone: (310) 828-6410, or email: Please don't just show up without RSVPing. For your good manners and kind consideration, you will be served delicious coffee and yummy donuts while you're there. 

There are three exhibits in the gallery, so all three of us artists will be discussing our work and answering questions. The other shows there are Kelly Berg’s EMERGENCE and Debbie McAfee’s DESERT SANCTUM. Their shows also address the California High Desert, and they all look great together, me thinks. 


My new 8.5 x 8.5-inch catalog of THIS LAND will be available at the Artist’s Talk for a mere $20. This is a full-color, perfect bound booklet with 34 pages that will include an essay I wrote all by myself. My parents didn’t even need to help me with it!

The FREE posters are still available at the gallery too. They are pretty big, at 19 x 13 inches, and this is what they look like:



In other recent news, the exciting interview I did with Voyage LA was posted since my last newsletter, which you can now read here. Check it out! 

Future Plans

In my last newsletter, I stated I’d be starting on two new series. Well, with putting together my solo show and everything, I haven’t had much time to paint. But I have been sketching some things out onto panels and making plans for quite a few new semi-abstracted paintings based on old family photos. I also have plans for a second series, which will be nonrepresentational abstracts. This series is still in its infancy stage and I can't reveal too much about it yet.

As for painting the former series, I have one finished and one in progress. The rest are just light pencil sketches on gessoboards that are too hard to see at the moment. So, I’ll show you the first finished one entitled, She Rose From the Bed. It’s oil on birch wood at 24 x 30 inches:

This one is still in progress, but I’ll show it anyway. It’s smaller at 16 x 20 inches. It will be better when it's done. You'll see:

So, Until Next Time

I’ll only be sending out one reminder about the Artist’s Talk a couple of days before next Saturday. Then I’ll leave you alone until the Winter Newsletter. I’m really hoping I’ll have some press about the show by then. So far, it’s only been a week since the show has been mounted, so nothing so far, except maybe a rumor of a forthcoming review on ArtNowLA. But we shall see. 😉

Until then, may your fall be filled with dead leaves and new beginnings. 

Yours always,
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