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Spring, 2015

Happy Spring to everybody out there in Spring Land. Since I last sent out an email, things have been much calmer for me in the studio as some of you might imagine. Many exciting things have been going on since the opening of my show, Exodus, and I am happy to tell you all about that, but first I will give you a short synopsis of how I've been doing.

I'm fine.

Now on with the news.
This is the last week my show will be up at Shulamit Gallery, so if you haven't seen it yet, this is your last chance. Please don't miss it. If I have to guilt you into it, I will. I worked very hard for a whole year on this thing and my next solo show will be...? I don't know, so don't you think it's a good idea to see it? And while you're at it, why don't you call your mom? It's almost Mother's Day anyway, but why not also call her before then? Give her a call "just because" and freak her out a little.  

Okay, so Exodus has been reviewed in several publications! Let's go through them, shall we?


Reviews Galore!

Just days after the opening of the show, I got a review in ArtScene Magazine, written by Molly Enholm. Before that, Shana Nys Dambrot voted it as one of the top five art parties in LA Weekly. It was also recommended in the Jewish Journal and on Glasstire, as well as the Venice Concierge

Megan Abrahams then wrote an amazing review about the show on Whitehot Magazine, which is a must-read; a really great review. Then, just recently, I found one in the newest issue of Art LTD by Simone Kussatz. 

Pretty great, don't you think? Lots to celebrate! The show has been getting some wonderful feedback as well. Probably the best I have ever received on any show before. It's overwhelming to be honest. I don't know what to do with it all. It's nice to be having so much success lately, as I know it is a transient thing and I must learn to appreciate it while the fire is still smoldering. I think I am doing that.


Up to Now

The movie I made with Jonathan Nesmith and Susan Holloway (Up to Now) has been getting amazing responses, plus people love to watch it inside the tent on the little television. Of course, that is pretty lo-fi, as cool as the experience is. However, Shulamit Gallery has created a limited edition version of the movie on flash drives which can be purchased for $60. This is a high quality version that is limited to only 40 copies and 10 A/Ps. The Artist's Proofs come with an original watercolor painting that is signed and numbered by me. They are the same size as the little custom black box that the flash drives come inside of (3.5 x 4.5 inches). The A/Ps are priced at $100 and these are all available at the gallery. 

Don't fret about not seeing the movie though, because in a couple weeks, I will be making a version to watch on YouTube and Vimeo. This version will be at an even lower resolution than the exhibition version - if you can imagine that. I'm doing it this way for a reason.

Since we made the high resolution flash drives, and I still wanted it to be available for others to see, I couldn't undermine the high resolution value. So basically, if you missed the show and if you're getting to see it for free, the quality can't be as good as the edition. I'm sorry, but you will miss the best of the art and detail of the piece unless you get in on the edition. So I hope that makes sense.

More thoughts on this though...I may have special screenings of Up to Now at other venues in the future - to be determined. 

Lastly, regarding the show, I just want to mention that if you miss it after it closes on the 9th of May, you can set an appointment with either Renée Fox or Sarah Flora at Shulamit Gallery until the 15th to see it privately. But after that, then it's really over. I'll be breaking it down forever.


NYC Trip

Since I won the Wynn Newhouse Award, there was/is an exhibition at the Palitz Gallery at Syracuse University's Lubin House in New York City that runs until May 21st which I attended a couple of weeks back.

This was a spectacular event! I am standing here with the curator, Domenic Iacono, who put together an incredible exhibition of the award winners: Kerry Damianakes, Park McArthur, Marlon Mullen, William Scott, George Widener, and yours truly. 

Wynn Newhouse (1954-2010) was an arts advocate with Multiple Sclerosis that was determined to correct the negative impressions that many people have about people with disabilities. I was blown away that I won this award. It was such a surprise. And the exhibition was just out of this world! 

When I got to my hotel on the Upper East Side, I walked over to the venue, which was very close by, located at 61st and Park. And lo and behold I saw these banners on the light posts along 61st Street! Wow! How often do you see your name on a banner in NYC?

Being in NY was so much fun, as always. I was able to go to MOMA for the first time ever and that was really exciting. Here is a view outside the window of the 3rd floor:

I am very grateful to the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation for being able to have this wonderful experience. If you'd like, you can see a few more pictures of the reception on their Events Page, learn more about Wynn Newhouse and the award winners.  


What's Next?

I usually save the last part of my newsletter for my upcoming shows and events, or what is coming up in general for me. So what's next? Well, you're not going to believe this, but there's nothing on the horizon. Nothing set in stone anyway. I have applied for a few residencies and I will find out about the status of them sometime in the summer, but I have nothing planned: no exhibitions, no nothing. I am going to take some time off. Impossible? Maybe.

A lot of people have been asking me what my next show is going to be like and I really can't answer that question fully, but I imagine there will be a lot of paintings again, and I think I would like to make another movie. I would like to paint more abstractly too, but I have been saying that for a long time and my progress
 towards where I want to be with that has been slow-moving. 

When I do get back into my studio, I am going to be experimenting again, so who knows? Who knows what ideas might pop up this time? I don't think any huge plans will pop up for a little while anyway. Let's hope not. I'll be honest, I'm kinda tired. But knowing me, I won't be tired for too long.


Yours very truly,

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