Happy 2015, Mouthers!

Kick it off by enjoying life to the fullest and going crazy for everything you munch, packed inside our New Year’s UN-Resolutions Taster

So eat more candy, especially gummy bears sparkling with organic sugar! Drink more bubbly cocktails, mixed to order with American-made gin and natural tonic syrup. Overdose on milk chocolate, caffeine and butter in one crunchy-sweet toffee bite. Comfort yourself with a big bag o' crispy, perfectly salty potato chips with the skins on. And spread a little gluttony (and bacon jam) all over everything. Yes, you read that right: jam-ified BACON.

This can’t-resist collection makes an indulgent gift to kick off the new year. Insanely delicious and sanely decadent.

Here’s to a happy and tasty 2015!
The un-resolute team at Mouth

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