It's our First Annual Spooky Sweet Movie Roundup!

Here's what we Mouthers will be watching as we round into Halloween, appropriately paired with a favorite indie treat:

Caitlin: The Shining → Jack O' Lantern Pops
Kate: Hocus Pocus → Twizzlies
Corey: Halloween I → Wicked Bar
Nancy: Young Frankenstein → PB&J Eyeballs
Miranda: Silence of the Lambs → Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers
Anthony: The Omen → Birdie Bar
China: Ghostbusters → Chocolate Ghost Pop
Sam: Bitter Feast → Chocolate Espresso Beans
Mark: Night of the Living Dead → Chocolate Skulls
Gheanna: Nosferatu → The Vampire Killer
Will: Carrie → Cherry Grenadine
Craig: It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown → Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows
Happy Viewing and Tasting!
Craig and the other foodie film freaks at Mouth



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