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I first met Stephanie in the fall of 2017, when we were both volunteering at New Harvest's second conference. Neither of us loved our jobs at the time (I was working as a server in St. Louis, Stephanie as a lab manager in LA), and both of us were determined to work in cellular agriculture instead. 

Strangely enough, our shared dream came true around the same time.

In the spring of 2019, Stephanie received her first grant payment as a New Harvest Research Fellow and I my first paycheck at New Harvest HQ. (Today is my one year anniversary!) 

In this interview, Stephanie explains how she went from volunteering at a cultured meat conference to researching cultured meat herself. Learn why she chose to focus on scaffolds, what it's like to intern at Beyond Meat, and the difference between plant and cell-based meat from a scientist who has studied both. 
Take care!
Two weeks ago, we decided to cancel New Harvest 2020 scheduled to take place this summer at the MIT Media Lab. We were bummed, but likely not as bummed as the National Pork Producers Council who was forced to cancel their World Pork Expo for the second year in a row due to the outbreak of disease (this year it was Covid-19, last year African Swine Flu).

The rapid succession of African Swine Flu and Covid-19 demonstrates the escalating danger of status quo modes of meat production. Industrial livestock production accelerates the evolution of pathogen virulence and increases the opportunity for disease to leap from farmed animals to humans. Our work is more urgent than ever.

Our team is lucky to be able to work from home, and although most of our research fellows have been forced to suspend experiments for the time being, some are using their expertise to combat the spread of coronavirus. 
  • Ricardo is helping run qPCR tests to diagnose Covid-19 in the UK. 
  • Cameron's lab in Calgary is characterizing an assigned number of Covid-19 proteins as a member of the Structural Genomics Consortium in the hopes of better understanding the virus and accelerating drug development. 
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