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Of the challenges facing the commercialization of cultured meat, serum-free media is notoriously daunting. Last month, Mark Post published a paper about serum-free media for bovine myoblasts. It was big news! But not for those dreaming of cell-based Filets-O-Fish...

In theory, a cultured Filet-O-Fish should be easier to make than, say, a hamburger because the physiological properties of fish make them uniquely well suited to cell culture. Unfortunately, serum-free media has yet to be optimized for fish. 

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That's where Cameron, one of our newest fellows at the University of Calgary, comes in. He is trying to formulate a fish-specific media that can be used to culture an edible piece of fish. 

Read all about his project, and his moment of reckoning via Esther the Wonder Pig, here! 👈 🐟

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P.S. As a complete side note, Cameron is a protein biochemist and his lab was just assigned to study a couple of proteins from the Wuhan coronavirus!
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