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June is Black Music Month
Want to know more? Here is a great article to read from a friend of Music Workshop,
Nabil Ayers. Link here 
Inspire Live was magical! If you missed it, or would like to see it again, check it out here. Or share the link with friends or school families who may enjoy it. We have cut down the show for easier viewing. Check out the previews of the course (there are THREE!), performances and meet our cultural advisors. 
Those last weeks of school...
If you are still in school (like our kids), this is a reminder that a Music Workshop lesson is the PERFECT plan for those last, rowdy weeks of school. Our fun, engaging and inspiring courses are ready-to-go and sure to entertain (and educate).  Our Pop Music and Musicals courses are crowd pleasers! Sign on and download today!
Coming Soon -
Traditional Music from the continent of Africa

We have been working hard on our Music from the continent of Africa courses - there are two - Traditional and Contemporary. We'll be honest, these courses took longer than we forecasted. There was just so much incredible music, rich history and incredible culture to highlight. Additionally, part of our small, but mighty, team had medical issues. We are striving on! Our course on Traditional music from Africa will be ready to launch in the coming weeks as we add the finishing touches. If you tuned into Inspire Live you got to see previews - segments on polyphonic drums & melodies, the amazing instrument called the Nyatiti and a fun fact about Gumboot.  The other Music from Africa course - Contemporary - is planned for completion toward the end of summer. Our plan is to have both courses on music from the continent of Africa launched by the time school starts in the fall. We'll keep you posted!
Our Cultural Advisors
We are honored to have such a distinguished group of amazing ethnomusicologists and teachers who lend their expertise to the creation of the courses in our Culture Series. Above, you can hear from Dr. Cole Kai-Lewis, one of the advisors for our Music from Africa courses. 
Seeking advisors for music from the continent of Asia courses
The next courses in our Culture series will be on music from the continent of Asia. We are seeking expert advisors. If you know someone who has an specialty in this area, please contact us or share our information with them as we would love to discuss the project in more detail. Email us...
We love bringing you high-quality, culturally relevant music resources - free of charge! Now, there's even more reason to make Music Workshop a regular part of your music program. Each Feedback Form that you submit is now a raffle ticket. At the end of each month, we will pull a name from the Feedback that we received that month and that teacher will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Each new month is a new chance to win! Congrats Cristy!
Good luck!

Inside "Summer Break" at Music Workshop

What does summer break look like at Music Workshop? Our Inspire Live launch party and fundraiser is complete and the finishing touches are being made on the Traditional Music from the continent of Africa course. Although we have plenty to do continuing work on our second Africa course on Contemporary music and planning our next courses on music from the continent of Asia, we like to use our summers to review all our Music Workshop materials.  Every year we take time to review and update all the resources that are part of Music Workshop. And each summer that gets to be a bigger job as our resources keep on growing! We go through all the feedback that you have sent us during the year and use the information to take a critical look at the Q&A's, Sound Bites, Fill-in sheets and more. It's a big job, but one of the advantages of our online platform is that we can upload new and updated materials with very little delay. 
Make sure that you download new versions of the materials in the fall - everything will be updated this summer! 

Enjoy your summer!!!

In June...

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