April Newsletter
 "I used this video for my first distance learning lesson for 300 4th & 5th graders.  The students' responses were enthusiastic!  They loved seeing the instruments being played in the different parts of the world and when they answered my questions, they used language from the video.  Thank you for helping me get started in this new way of teaching general music."
Janice, Music Teacher, Maine

Distance Learning and Music Workshop

Wow, what a difference a month makes. In the last newsletter I was talking about preparing for spring break and now we are in the middle of a chaotic historical event.
We hear from many of you that you are being asked to create distance learning on the fly - it's a challenge.  

In an effort to make our program as accessible as possible we have created the
Virtual Learning Center. Learn more below about the changes and materials available. 


Virtual Learning Center

What will I find in the Virtual Learning Center?
  • The grades 3-5 content for all 19 courses
  • All distance learning versions of materials in one convenient place
  • Prepared Google Classroom Fill-in forms for students grade 3-8
  • Supplemental course materials
  • Instructions on how to use the materials in google classroom
  • Optional feedback link 

How are the Virtual Learning Center materials different from the classroom version of Music Workshop?
  • Video component of course is a lower resolution allowing for easier upload
  • VLC includes additional materials like google form version of Q&A
  • The forced Feedback function has been suspended to allow for multiple day lesson planning
  • Feedback is optional, but encouraged
Music is for Everyone!  

Virtual Classrooms

Music Workshop can be loaded into any virtual classroom program like google classroom, canvas or Edpuzzle. Or even your teacher page. The Virtual Learning Center has the video portion of the program that are low resolution versions to make uploading easier. To share the video and other materials with your class, download the files and save them to your google drive. You will then be able to attach them to an assignment that you create from your google drive. There are instructions on the site. Please reach out if we can help in any way, with any program!

Super Star!

When we have a google classroom question, we know who to call - Music Workshop's superuser Kathleen Theisen. Among many other things, she is one of the administrators of the facebook group, "Googleclassroom for Music Teachers" (a great resource). As we were working to pivot the Music Workshop program to be more distance learning friendly she was an invaluable resource. She talked us through the process and even posted to the group for us to see if we could crowd source one issue - we did! Clever crowd! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring. Thank you, Kathleen!

No Internet?

Do you have students that need a hard copy of a lesson? We had a Music Workshop teacher that had a great idea to solve this problem. She let us know that in this situation, she printed out the Sound Bites document and the fill-in sheet. The student then was able to read the Sound Bites to get the general content of the course and the fill-in to encourage knowledge transfer. For younger students (pre-reading) she asked a caretaker to read the Sound Bites to them and then discuss. Very creative! Remember to share your great ideas! Click here to share with us how you are using the program.


Please make sure you are in the right place to get the materials you need. If you want to use our distance learning materials - you need to click the icon on the user home page that looks like this!
The Maestro will take you to the Virtual Learning Center to access the Music Workshop materials specially formulated to help you with your virtual classroom. 
More than ever - please share Music Workshop with your friends and colleagues!

Thank you for all that you do!
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