March Newsletter
"My students LOVE when we have Music Workshop.
They LOVE sitting and watching, then heading to their groups of 2-3 to discuss the questions. I had a 5th grade boy recently say "can we do another one of those movies about music?" 
Laura, Music Teacher, Washington

Spring Break = Music Workshop

Looking for a great, easy lesson for the week before Spring Break? Starting a new unit after the break? Finish up your previous unit or introduce a new one with a Music Workshop lesson. Your squirrelly, distracted students who are ready for spring break will love having a great change of pace like Music Workshop! Pop and Musicals are crowd pleasing and exciting lessons certain to entertain.
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Music in Our Schools Month
This March, music educators and music students will be celebrating music education in their schools and communities with concerts and classroom activities that show how “Music Changes Lives” for Music In Our Schools Month®. The impact of music education on the lives of students is evident in its social-emotional effect on young people and how they interact with the world around them. Engaged, inspired students are the goal - we hope Music Workshop gets your kids fired up! 
Music in our schools Month
Super Star!
There are superusers and then there is - Nancy Pierce! Recently, she allowed a camera crew into her class to share with our local news station about Music Workshop in her class. She and one of her amazing students shared about their experiences with the program and the Native American Traditional Music course. We are so grateful to have such and amazing ambassador for the program. She spreads the word about Music Workshop and we could not be more thankful!
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Behind the Curtain
What is the difference between the grade level videos? Good Question!
The grade 3-5 video is what we build first, it has all the components. The K-2 version is cut down for time, a nod to shorter attention spans. The 6-8 version has all the information, but not the Musical Movement Minute - we heard right away that the older kids were way "too cool". And remember, you don't have to use the version designated to your grade - use the one that best fits your class!
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Music Workshop Sound Bites

What is Sound Bites and why is it included in Music Workshop?
Sound Bites is a recap of the course and its content. It is included in the program to help the students to connect what they have learned in class to their home life and caretakers. Maybe their parents listen to jazz at home and they can share Jazz musicians they learned about or maybe their grandparents want to take them to a musical and they learned about them in class. Music brings us together - Sound Bites connects class with life. Make sure you send Sound Bites home with your students - either on paper or as a pdf attachment after each lesson.
Music is for Everyone!  
Noteworthy...We are currently working hard on our newest course, Latin American Music. It's fun and exciting to be learning about the diverse styles and instruments of Latin America. Naturally, as we create the course we strive to ensure that we represent the region and music well. To do this we have recruited an exciting group of advisers to guide us on this musical journey. Located in Portland, Boston, Argentina and Puerto Rico, we know that they are going to add great things to this course and we can't wait to show you!
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