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Welcome to my e-newsletter!
Welcome to my e-newsletter.

I think I have moved through several stages of lockdown now.
After a manic few months of flying around town and up and down to Westminster pretty much non stop since Christmas, the idea of having to stay in one place was a bit of a dream.
That phase lasted about two days.
Then the frustration set in, then the realisation and now a surreal kind of still.
Not everyone can work from home. I can and do, generally from first light til late at night, excepting that hour in the day for my ‘government walk’ as one very lovely young lady described it to me!
Having just moved house, the seafront is genuinely the street where I live which does mean that I see progress at The Claremont site. During this period, the party wall between The Burlington and The Claremont has come down and this was one of the issues causing the delay to the contractor's works. Eastbourne Borough Council has reported that propping plans will need to be devised by structural engineers. 'This is expected to take two weeks and the hoarding can go back and the road can be reopened'
It’s good to see plans in prospect, it speaks of a better time to come.
Tots Play Eastbourne 


Eastbourne Mum Gemma Henson set up Tots Play only last year. ‘It was a big decision for me, I had two young children and a secure job as a teacher but I really wanted my own business, so that I could work hours around spending more time with my young family. I took the plunge and although it’s been scary I haven’t looked back.’ 


Tots Play Eastbourne is a local company that provides multi- activity play classes for babies and toddlers (suitable from birth) offering baby massage, baby yoga, baby signing and sensory play experiences that can all be replicated in the home.


‘I had worked very hard to set the business up and I was just beginning to make real progress when the pandemic struck. I knew I had to do something and it was also very important for my parents and their children to have familiarity and continuity too. We can’t meet for classes now in Eastbourne so I am running my sessions online. Some are free to all, including weekly bedtime story & songs, weekly yoga bursts & workshops for new parents etc & some are paid sessions for a reduced fee. 

I am also offering my current customers, who are working on the front line, free classes to help them spend quality and structured time with their children.


Before lockdown I’d started running some inter- generational classes at local care homes which were really successful and loved by all generations. We are all keen to really grow these precious relationships now more than ever. My Tots Play families are now creating little online care packages- video messages, postcards & photos to send to the residents and I am hoping to invite the Care homes to join our online Zoom sessions in the next week or so.’


If you have a young one and would like to join Gemma’s sessions then please get in contact via email  
or by visiting


Kick-out Covid Eastbourne Appeal 

📣 Kick-out Covid Appeal

Eastbourne’s Mayor Cllr Steve Wallis has launched the Kick-out Covid appeal to support the town’s fight back against the Coronavirus pandemic.

➡️ The appeal will raise funds to support the council’s ground-breaking efforts to care for the vulnerable and elderly, and allocate small grants to entrepreneurs looking to help the Government’s call for help with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Please consider donating. You can use the following link.

Need Help? Help is at hand

If you’re feeling isolated, anxious or unwell at home and don’t have anyone that can help you, the Eastbourne community hub may be able to help. 

📞 For Eastbourne:                                          dial 01323 679722
📞 For Willingdon, Wannock and Jevington :   dial 01323 443322

And finally...

So Parliament rises and ministers are to return but I will not be going back to London next week. Instead, I will continue to work full time in Eastbourne.  A hybrid Parliament will take stage in this time of social distancing where communication via technology will take the place of the traditional exchanges in the Commons. MPs, if their questions are drawn, will address ministers in the Chamber from their home constituencies right around the UK. It’s quite a leap.
Take care, keep in touch and with my best

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