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Good morning e news friends! 

It's been quite a week in Westminster meeting variously, The Children's Commissioner, The Speaker and representatives from the fishing industry.  Eastbourne, much to the surprise of my parliamentary pals, has a fishing fleet and often just as surprising to them, downland farms. It's not all ice cream on the prom!  For these reasons, I will be taking a keen interest in the forthcoming Agriculture and Fisheries Bills.  I welcomed the School Council from Bedes to The House of Commons this week too. They asked excellent questions and were an absolute delight!   

More government support to address homelessness was announced this week and those funds are dearly welcome. 
Back at the ranch, so to speak, I've had a second viewing on a potential office, interviewed and recruited the latest member of the team and advanced on some key campaigns - it's all go! More to come on that later..  

Holocaust Memorial Day 
This week saw the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in then Nazi-occupied Poland by the Red Army.
No word has a greater infamy in the 20th century than Auschwitz, where an estimated 1.1 million people were murdered in gas chambers or worked to death or tortured in medical experiments – many of them children.
The commemoration of what happened in that place and of all the victims of the Holocaust is vitally important and received the international attention it deserved on Monday, but we must fear that soon it will be beyond living memory and there will be no one to bear witness to what happened there or in other concentration camps.
Around 2000 Auschwitz survivors are thought to still be alive and many of them are in their 80s, 90s or 100s. Their stories of survival and of hope are of incredible importance to following generations.
Last week I attended our local commemorative event at The Welcome Building and how extraordinary it is, that we have in our midst, holocaust survivor, now Eastbourne local, the incomparable Dorit Oliver-Wolff, a lady I have the honour to call my friend.
Dorit is now in her mid-80s and was given an MBE in the recent New Year Honours List for services to Holocaust education and awareness. Dorit was the guest speaker at my Ian Gow schools’ competition in November where she spoke so passionately about how precious our democracy is.
Global Britain 
The 31st Jan was certainly one of the most important days in British history because we left the European Union.

I believe it represents an exciting new chapter for our nation. We will regain our sovereignty, control over our laws and borders and, over the coming months, we will prepare ourselves to become an independent global trading nation again.
I fully understand that many people fundamentally disagree with this course of action but it is the course this country has always taken: to honour the democratic process and that meant acting on the 2016 referendum result.
My passionate hope now is we join together again as the nations of the United Kingdom to make Brexit the very best success it can be. I am not triumphant about our leaving. I have no desire to ride roughshod or gloat over those who do not agree.
The next step is to be the very best of friends to our neighbours but be clear we want to chart our own course in trade, in laws and in regulation, where necessary and in our interests. Not wanting to be part of the EU does not mean we turn our back on Europe or those EU nationals who live here – that has never been the case. We remain a vital part of the Continent’s security and its future.
Some suggest we will become isolated by our leaving but I strongly believe this is not the case. Vast opportunities in global trade and diplomacy await a country as innovative, rich in human capital and as flexible as ours. It is opposite of isolation.
Challenges will present themselves over the coming years as well as opportunities and it’s right I acknowledge this reality. However, without a joint purpose and faith in ourselves and our country we risk facing challenges we don’t have to. The die is cast. Let’s move on with ambition and confidence.
Our Great Green Ambition 
You'll have perhaps seen some of the coverage of the excellent  Eastbourne Carbon Neutral 2030 launch event held last month? The link below will take you to a very short film made by Eastbourne Eco Action Network which has its first airing on the day!

For details on how to get involved see
And finally...
So today is day one of this brave new world. I'm off to run an advice surgery this morning and have a full programme of places to go and people to meet.  Please say hello if you see me! 

Until next time, 

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