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Welcome to my newsletter!

Good morning friends, and welcome to my newsletter!
From House to Home!
My week started with a meeting at Barclays in Langney Shopping Centre, not to decide its future, that decision was taken by company strategists months ago, but for me to push for the very best support from the bank.  It’s vital work to make sure no one is left behind in the face of technological advance and culture change.
I was at risk of being left behind myself- literally! – as I sprinted from that meeting to the station and on to Parliament.
Yesterday, I was at Langney Primary to meet the children. I was a governor there so it always feels like home. I had later meetings with local fishermen and then with our Hospital CEO. I went on to meet healthcare apprentices at Brighton University and officially opened their new clinical skills lab.
One of the children I met last school visit, asked if being an MP was a bit like a sandwich?! Quite clever really. My work starts and finishes at home in Eastbourne and in between, there’s Parliament where this week I formally raised rough sleeping - our Winter Night Shelter closes in a matter of days now. I also met Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, on a number of points, the walk-in health centre at the station being one such and my campaign for a hospital shuttle bus service another.
I’ve taken up a new post this week too. I’m really pleased to have become the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Environment Secretary, George Eustice, and I thank the Prime Minister for appointing me to the position.
The work of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) chimes with many of the priorities Eastbourne has as a coastal and part rural constituency.
The ministry is also at the forefront of the fight against climate change – something many people in Eastbourne and Willingdon care about deeply and I will use what I learn to help the borough council in its endeavours to become carbon neutral by 2030.
The department has a packed timetable in parliament with three substantial bills going through all of which have real significance locally and nationally.
These are innovative and ambitious pieces of legislation coming from one very busy department and I will be part of it and I will implement that good work to help people in Eastbourne and Willingdon and beyond in the years to come.

Huge well done and THANK YOU to our dedicated NHS staff.

You can read more here.
Health was a key priority on my local manifesto and I'll continue to play my part to see the quality health care we all want and need for every age and stage so yesterday, I met with the paediatric team at the DGH, raised the much needed new Doctors practice for Willingdon and Polegate in Parliament on Thursday and have been focusing on the proposed closure of the Station Health Centre. I’m concerned about this proposed change because on the face of it, it creates more pressure on other GP practices and reduces access and options for patients. I know it is highly valued in the community and I’ve used this facility myself, late one Christmas Eve, and was very grateful for the antibiotics they prescribed.  
I’ve already spoken directly to the local lead officer leading this proposal and have further information coming. I will be drilling down on the evidence before going back to local health decision makers. 

And finally...
I will be out and about over the weekend and particular highlights include a thank you party for all those who worked so hard at the time of the Claremont fire and the Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival Anniversary Concert. The Eastbourne Half Marathon 2020 takes place tomorrow and there's still time to sign up! I see myself firmly as a cheerleader.. but maybe one day?! 

Have a lovely weekend and with my best, 

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