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Welcome to the 6th edition of the Municipal Services District newsletter. We have some important news and exciting projects included in this edition. This newsletter provides information about the five Metro Townships (Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna and White City), the Town of Brighton, and the unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County. If you have news about your community that you would like us to include in the next edition, please send your articles, announcements, and photos by clicking here:  

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 Celebrates its 5-year Anniversary

In September, the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD) turned five years old. We serve 81,000 residents in Brighton, Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, White City, and the unincorporated areas of SL County.

In these five years, our elected officials and staff have helped stand up eight local governments, provided outstanding municipal services, and significantly increased local representation to the communities we serve, who now all have elected mayors and councils.

We have a great board and among the most talented and hard-working employees. 

We celebrated the event with a small, social-distanced gathering at Lodestone Park in Kearns.

The Municipal Services District provides public works, planning and development services, parks, animal services, engineering, courts, prosecution, and indigent legal defense.

More information is available at

Congratulations to the Board of Trustees for receiving a thank you and recognition for their services on the board. From left to right: Board of Trustee members Keith Zuspan (Brighton), Joe Smolka (Emigration Canyon), Paulina Flint (White City) and Dan Peay (Magna).
Bart Barker, the General Manager of the MSD, gave the history of how the MSD was formed. He thanked the Board of Trustees for their contributions and the MSD employees for their hard work and dedication.
Joe Smolka, Chair of the MSD Board of Trustees, spoke at the 5-year anniversary event. He said that the MSD assisted the town and townships with projects that needed to be done for years, by helping with financing, planning, design and construction. Smolka says being a member of the MSD gives municipalities more control at a local level. Some of the projects include the Emigration Canyon Road, the Magna Bridge and Jefferson Basin, Kearns 5600 West beautification, the White City canal trail and bridge, and many others.
Customer Service Awards were given to MSD employees who provided a high level of service to MSD customers. Congrats to all who received an award!

Salt Lake County is seeking applicants to serve on the Planning Commission.

1. Apply online at
2. Fill out a conflict of interest form at
3. Email a resume of related experience to
Wendy Gurr ( or Jake
Young (

On November 25, 2019, Kearns Metro Township began its general planning process. On October 12th of this year, the Planning Commission will meet to consider the draft plan. The Kearns General Plan Steering Committee, in partnership with MSD staff, has been hard at work preparing this document, and they are excited to continue to work towards its adoption and implementation. The 2020 Kearns General Plan is the first general plan prepared for Kearns since the community incorporated as a Metro Township in 2017. The draft that will be considered at the October 12th Planning Commission meeting is available on the Kearns Long Range Planning Website. 
A general plan provides a clear future vision to assist decision-makers, residents, and other stakeholders in evaluating policy changes, recommending projects and prioritizing funding.
Mask Campaign Directed at Utah Youth

Utah has experienced a recent surge of COVID-19 cases concentrated among youth 15-24 years of age. State epidemiologists believe this increase is due to students participating in organized sports, after-school activities, and informal social gatherings - without face coverings.

School events and sporting activities are important in creating a sense of normalcy this year. The Municipal Services District wants to make sure your families can continue to enjoy these activities. Face coverings are the easiest way to stay safe, so we don’t have to miss out. #MaskUpOrMissOut #PromwithMom

Rent Relief for Utah Residents
(Click on photo below)
Good Job Mikala Jordan!
One of the MSD's long-range planners, Mikala Jordan, participated in a webinar during the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) Annual Convention. She presented along with representatives of Envision Utah and Utah Transit Authority to city officials statewide. Their topic was, “Does Your City Vision/Plan Have Buy-In? How To Engage The Community.” Mikala did an outstanding job explaining her successful efforts to engage the Copperton community in developing a General Plan. Mikayla was confident, knowledgeable and professional, and she explained well.  
The MSD has some of the best minds in the state serving our communities. It is a privilege to share this with municipalities throughout the state.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, the Copperton Planning Commission voted (3 yes, 1 abstain) to recommend approval of the 2020 Copperton General Plan to the Council. This is an exciting step, as the 2020 Plan is Copperton’s only General Plan update since 2012 and the first plan since Copperton incorporated as a metro township in 2017.   The Copperton Metro Township Council will vote on adoption of the General Plan, with or without the Planning Commission’s suggested changes, on October 21st, 2020, at the regularly scheduled Council meeting. Copperton’s General Plan has been underway since June of 2019. Fifteen steering committee meetings, two surveys, three community events/workshops, and regular updates to the Council contributed to the plan’s creation. The 2020 Plan is data-driven, centers on authentic public engagement, and provides implementable goals. Find the draft plan here.

Check out Copperton’s new Long Range Planning Website: To enhance the dissemination of information and create even more ways for the public to engage with planning efforts, the MSD Tech Team and Long Range Planning have set up this website. Here, residents find information on planning concepts and ongoing planning projects.  Residents can access important planning documents, such as the draft 2020 Copperton General Plan and the Future Land Use Map. Most importantly, residents can submit feedback and learn about ways to get involved.

With summer coming to an end and winter not far away, Magna code enforcement officer Tom Zumbado takes a chance on answering questions from citizens about code enforcement, municipal ordinances, and everything in between. For a chance to have your question published in this column, email Tom at and include the words "Ask a Codie" in the subject line. All submissions will be kept anonymous, cross our hearts.
This month, "Get Off My Lawn" writes:
Are you allowed to enter private property without the homeowner being present?
Wow, we get this question a lot. We suppose the short answer would be "Yes, and no."  The longer answer is way more complicated. There are ordinances on the books that allow service providers to enter your property provided that they are there for a specific task. These are the same kind of laws that protect mail carriers, gas meter readers, Rocky Mountain Power employees and the like. For code enforcement, the municipal ordinance that governs our access on to private property is Chapter 19.94.020.B, which reads:
“The director shall enforce all of the provisions of this title, employing all legal means available to do so. In the enforcement of this title, the director or any employee of the division authorized to represent the director shall have the right to enter any building for the purpose of determining the use thereof or to enter the premises for the purpose of determining compliance with the provisions of this title, provided that such right of entry shall be exercised only at reasonable hours and that in no case shall entry be made to any occupied building in the absence of the owner or tenant thereof without the written order of a court of competent jurisdiction.”
So to put it plainly, the ordinance allows us to access the outside areas of a property (front yard and backyard) and not just barge into someone’s house. The last thing we want is to do is to scare anybody, so we usually try to announce ourselves before beginning any of the inspections. Cooperation brings compliance; it’s all about making the customer comfortable with our presence. (And yeah, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a UPD escort as well. You know, to keep everyone honest. ;-)  Hope this helps. Be safe.

Did you know your local government has zoning ordinances that govern the use of your property? 

Solid Waste/Junk: Keeping any salvage or scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, metal, rope, rags, batteries, paper, wood, trash, plastic, rubber, tires, waste or other articles or materials commonly designated as junk is prohibited.

Junk, Wrecked or Inoperable Vehicles: One unlicensed or inoperable vehicle may be stored for a period not to exceed two years if it is stored out of sight of a public street, completely covered and has no jagged metal edges. All other vehicles must be licensed (current registration sticker attached) and operable. Any other unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be removed from the property or stored in a completely enclosed structure to include batteries, car parts, tires and any engine parts.

Real Property Maintenance: All real property shall be maintained, including but not limited to concrete, fencing, lighting, non-attached structures including items such as retaining walls, sheds and mailboxes.

Parking: No parking is allowed on any public street when it is snowing or there is snow on the street. No person shall park or operate a vehicle upon any roadway for purpose of maintenance or repair. No parking is allowed in the front or side yard unless on a paved surface in accordance with Chapter 19.80.035 of Zoning Ordinance. No commercial vehicle can be parked in the front yard without a permit from the MSD.

For more information, visit:


Kudos to the MSD for funding the overlay project on Emigration Canyon Road instead of settling for the chip seal. This project is nearing completion. Only a couple of work items remain. Thank you to the engineers for handling this project: Crystal, Jed and Ahmed. They have done an amazing job. Thank you to Salt Lake County Public Works and PEC.
Emigration Canyon is open to cyclists and all recreational users, at all times.

Here are some comments from social media:

  • "The Emigration Road work is amazing!"
  • "The new road is so smooth! It's a perfect tarmac for the uphill climb and made the descent so much more fun. This was exactly what the people needed."
  • Thank you so much! The road is great!!!
  • "The road is really, really nice for cycling. I went to the fire station yesterday, the fastest I've ever been."

Weber-Morgan Health Department has issued a Warning Advisory for East Canyon Reservoir. The DWQ HABs monitoring team visited East Canyon Reservoir and observed a cyanobacteria bloom (HAB) at Taylor Hollow. Toxigenic cyanobacteria cell count densities samples were taken, and results are pending.

* Do not swim or water ski in this area.
* Avoid areas of algae scum when boating.
* Keep animals away.
* Do not ingest the water.
* Clean fish well and discard guts.

Call the Utah Poison Control Center if you believe you or your pet have been exposed to a harmful algal bloom call (800) 222-1222.

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