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Sears Insurance

December 2012

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Taxable Income vs. Tax Deferred Income

We have our regular income, whether that be W-2 or 1099 income, that we are taxed on. Hopefully we have assets that are invested such as 401(k)/IRAS. We should have CDs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc., if we are fortunate enough that they are not losing money and creating a positive income, then whether we take the growth or not, we pay income on that.

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Life Insurance is Not For You...It's For The Ones You Care About

Life insurance could be an asset transfer tool or a business succession planning tool.

As it refers to family, the way to minimize costs involved in transferring your accumulated net worth to whomever your beneficiaries may be will come with a price tag. This price tag comes in the way of the time delays of probate (during this time, taxes, insurances, utilities, maintenance, etc., still come due and payable), state tax, federal tax, inheritance tax, etc. erode what you may think the nest egg looks like. To have a life insurance policy in force, satisfies not just the immediate need for burial, but most importantly transferring these assets and having ready cash to keep things afloat and shore up the deficit as things move from Generation 1 to Generation 2.

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Do you know where you stand? The fiscal cliff will affect all of us...

The Heritage Foundation is a very trusted source and are an authority on health care issues. Mr. Robert Moffitt, Senior Analyst, is a long time, proven authority on health care. He is a personal friend and is very dynamic and he brings to us the facts and the studies to support various view points on the taxation and reform issues.

You owe it to yourself and your family to aggressively seek counsel. The counsel that I am referring to is ... legal, accounting and insurance. The three are like gears in a fine tuned piece of equipment. One without the other will create wear on the other two, grinding the machine to a steady decline. If you are satisfied with the professionals that you have in place, keep them. I do encourage second opinions on these topics as well as I would recommend on your health. Sears Insurance (40 years experience) is a recognized leader in our field of expertise and pride ourselves in bringing knowledge, resources and guidance to our clients. The value and service that we provide spans clients of two, three and four generations.

The Death Tax: A Family Business Story [VIDEO]

Deb's Tip

Listen carefully. Ask a lot of questions. Get proper advice. You need a comprehensive plan with options as your life changes and as the economy, as we know it today, changes. Whether it be for the good or not, so you have a road map as to where you’re headed with all of your hard-earned efforts and assets. Through my contracting, I have access to actuaries, underwriters, financial planners, CPAs and attorneys that work together as a cohesive staff in an effort to create options for you and your family.

Doing nothing is an option; however, your children will probably see 40% of what you think you are worth, that you intend for them to have. By allowing us to take your information and ask you countless questions, we can create Option “B” and Option “C” for your consideration. Our due diligence to our clients and their families is to provide you with the most current and accurate information and offer you solutions. FREE for the asking!

When and if you make a decision to follow any recommendation, it will be one based on the facts as you present them and with the advantage of an educated choice. Please call us immediately. This is extremely important to you and your children.


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