Take Your 401(k) With You!
How to Get Coverage Beginning in 2014
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January 2013

Take Your 401(k) With You!

If your employment has changed, please don't forget to take your 401(k) with you. Chances are, because you're good at what you're doing, you may not know all of the details and complexities associated with the investment that your hard-earned, and in some cases, employer-matched resources, are in. It could be that they are progressing fine in light of the market. It could be that they are not and of course, you are paying management fees out of your account, regardless.

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How to Get Coverage Beginning in 2014

This is a great infographic from the Kaiser Family Foundation. It walks you through all the steps you could take through the process of getting health care coverage starting in 2014.

Deb's Tip

Roth IRAs are a very attractive option. They allow you to make after-tax contributions that are tax deferred and most withdrawals are tax free. So, if you accrue retirement funds in a Roth IRA, at the time of distribution, your retirement years, after age 59.5, your income stream is tax free. In 2010, the IRS dropped the income limit for transferring savings to a Roth IRA from a traditional IRA previously known as “Roth Conversion”. I highly recommend you know your options and consider transferring more of your assets to a Roth IRA. Taxes are taxes and I've never seen them go down. So, do you want to pay taxes in your retirement years?


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