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As the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or (ACA) continues to progress from year to year and the provisions each year we will continue to see changes. As an agent, I feel the best thing I can do for you is keep you informed and educate individually on your specific needs, wants and budget.

In a previous post I made mention of this very topic.  

Wellmark prepared for the anticipated climate change happening in the ACA world however, even with the best targets in mind, they under-projected the costs that would come their way in claims. There were three items that drove costs beyond expectations. More procedures than predicted, higher prescription drug costs and more prescriptions.

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Call me anytime this is convenient for you. We have time and I think it's important to utilize our timeline to our best advantage. These increases will not go into affect until January 1, 2016, but I am a firm believer that one-on-one education will help you to be best positioned going forward. Please give me a call.


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