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June 2013

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Here is a special invitation from Wellmark to attend a FREE Health Care Reform Webinar on Understanding Employer Shared Responsibility. It's being offered on June 26th from 1-2pm, CST and June 27th from 10-11am, CST. Please give me a call with any questions after you watch the webinar: 515-285-6766.

From July 1 through August 14, 2013, children under the age of 19 can apply for child-only policies or be added as dependents to existing family policies as long as they are not enrolled in or eligible for other coverage. Other coverage does not include HIPIOWA, HIPIOWA-FED, Medicaid, or hawk-i. When applying during this open enrollment period, qualifying children cannot be turned down or have coverage for certain conditions limited or excluded because of any pre-existing medical conditions. Go online to or call customer service at the number on the back of your ID Card.

Income Protection

Principal made this marketing tool available to me regarding your personal income protection. I would like you to just read this because it is illustrated in such a clean and simple fashion that it’s easy to understand how important it is to have your income protected. We go to the bother of protecting a “depreciating asset”, such as a used vehicle, but we have failed to insure our stream of income.

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Social Security and Retirement

If you feel like you want to retire, you've put in your time, raised your kids, done your thing, and want to use this next 10-20 year window of your life to enjoy the fruits of your labor, we should start with income and expenses.

Do I want to continue the lifestyle I have currently? Do I want to downsize? Or do I want to buy the dream home that's been on the backburner because I was too responsible to even consider it. If we stay in our current lifestyle, we have knowns for expenses. The income needs to be recalculated as that will change when you leave your employment. A link that I feel is a good place to start is the Social Security Retirement Planner. This link is to the social security administration and will help you walk through your choices.

Should I take my social security at age 62, my retirement age, or push it out to age 70? From that decision, we can structure what other income you may need such as required minimum distributions from your IRAs, interest income, etc. If a person has contributed to their 401(k) and wants to roll that over, we strongly suggest fixed tax-deferred annuities. The attraction here is safety, tax deferral and access to your funds.

EMC National Life Company has fabulous services you can count on. EMC has been a local icon for over 100 years. This is a puzzle and can be a very pretty picture if we sit down and put all of the pieces together. The next question of course, is your health insurance. These too, are a matter of searching out the right plan for your needs and your budget. When you reach Medicare age, we then assist you in getting the proper Medicare Supplement and Part D prescription drug plans in place. Please do not overlook long-term care as part of your asset protection plan.

Deb's Tip

Do not wait to start your planning process, even if you are a year or two out from your propossed thoughts, it's always wise to have your plan in mind.


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