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July 2014

Insurance and RAGBRAI

If you would hit a “pothole” on your great bike ride across Iowa and it impairs you to the extent that you are missing work, we suggest that you take time to explore disability income insurance BEFORE you venture out! Our examples are endless and it’s “never going to happen to me”, but, after you’ve talked to somebody who’s been through the experience, it becomes a no brainer. We are here for any of your questions and free quotes.

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Shedding Light on the Label

Skin cancer is of particular interest to me as my husband has been doctored for skin cancers for a minimum of 35 years.

Over the course of many years/generations, we have learned so much more about how to protect ourselves and our children from skin cancer that it is absolutely unforgivable not to heed our known advisors. Sun screen is a pretty easy prevention for what turned out to be a catastrophic/life threatening situation for my husband. This article will teach you how to read your sun screen labels.

Don't be confused by industry marketing tactics such as pretty labels, fragrance, etc, and miss the point. Please know and understand how to read your labels. As you continue to fire up for all of your summer fun, please refer to my article as I refer to eyewear and know this information on sun screen to better protect yourself and your family from the elements.

Deb's Tip

Any time we feel that going to a doctor and/or following up that appointment with a pharmacy "magic bullet", we are fooling ourselves. Nobody can do for us what we NEED to do for ourselves. Let's be honest with ourselves. What are the risks and how much control do we have over what takes place with our personal health. Please follow my blogs to learn more about nutritional opportunities that are right here and free for the taking. Mind, body and spirit need to be in check!


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