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I again, have another calling to educate all of my clients, family and friends on rate increases that we're all going to see in 2016.

How do rate increases work? Rate increases require a public hearing which is currently scheduled for July 2015. The grandfathered and non-grandfathered rates for 2016 will be announced in June and a rate hearing will be scheduled at that time if needed.

A 2015 timeline looks like this: In May 2015, the company files its 2016 product and rates with the insurance commissioner. Later this month, a notice will be mailed to ACA members only. This letter is intended to educate the members on how this process works and why. In July, the proposed rate hearing will take place. In August, ACA and non-grandfathered/grandfathered rates will be approved. October 2015, premium change notice letters will be mailed to all members (this allows us to really get busy during the 4th quarter of the year to position you comfortably for January). November 1, 2015 is open enrollment for 2016 effective dates. January 1, 2016, new rates take effect and Wellmark products will NOT be offered on the exchange/market place

And what this timeline means to you is, don't panic...this only affects 1.7% of Wellmark's total business in Iowa. Again, there's a lot of repositioning that can take place. It takes an agent that will sit down with you and help you find a choice that will help you find something to suit your needs.

Change creates a lot of confusion. This is something that is totally different than how we have known health insurance before, but we will get through it. The changes that have been made so far to the Affordable Care Act as originally presented are countless. Each year, the provisions are subject to change. What I tell you today, could be different months down the road, so I try my best to steer you in the right direction for you and your family. At this time, I want you to be aware of what will happen, but please don't panic. Give me a call and we'll get things done. This rate increase infographic will help you understand what factors affect the individual rates and why this became the issue it is today.

At Sears Insurance, we are extremely busy with our annuity and life insurance business and very proud to place 15 out of the top 20 life agents with EMC. They continue to exceed my expectations regarding their stability, management, innovative products and constant support to their clients.

A very dear friend and distinguished Iowa insurance professional, Bruce Kelley, President and CEO, EMC Insurance Companies, is being inducted into the Iowa Insurance Hall of Fame. Please read this article and if you choose to make reservations, the contacts are mentioned in the article. It is so much fun to be an agent and work with Clients of all ages, all backgrounds, all needs and wants and have carriers as quality as Wellmark and EMC (many others) to save my Client's health and hard earned dollars.


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Sears Insurance is in the top 1% for Wellmark Iowa Individual Sales again in 2013 as well as a nationally recognized producer for EMC National Life Insurance Company in Des Moines, Iowa.
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