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December 2014

Is the Rate of Return on your Bank or Market Funds Extremely Low?

A tax deferred annuity is one of the few retirement investments that offers tax-deferred compounded interest. I am sharing this link to illustrate the difference between the accrual of a taxable investment vs. a tax-deferred account. Our bank funds and most of our market funds (stocks, some bonds, mutual funds, REITs, etc.) are taxable and very seldom, if at all, have guaranteed principle. Most of the marketplace accounts also have a "fee" that dilutes your net return even more.

Tax deferred annuities offer these advantages AND guarantee your principle plus a minimum interest rate. The minimum interest rates that I can offer you now matches or exceeds the rate you’re getting at the bank less the taxes and fees that may apply. Safety for retirement dollars usually outweigh risk. Pending where you’re at in life, and your asset to debt ratio, conservative funding is appropriate. Please don't forget the bank rates include taxation and the marketplace products are subject to taxes and most of the time a fee.  So the comparison has to consider these two nets you a very different return.

The current interest rate on a very popular choice is at 3.70% tax-deferred! These products are worth looking at for rolling your 401(k) rollovers into and IRA or a Roth IRA.  If this is not your situation,  you can start an IRA or a Roth IRA using this product.

Please call me for the details and the opportunity to compare what you have to this exciting product!


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Wellmark YMCA

A Christmas present that we will all get is the new Wellmark YMCA in downtown. The YMCA will be open January 1, 2015. Tours of the new facility are open to all members and the public! You can drop in from 10am – 8pm, December 20-23 and 27-30. No reservations are necessary. You can learn more about the new YMCA and even take a virtual tour at their site. I encourage you to make this visit a part of your family holiday “must do” list. This is very exciting!

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Seek out an independent health insurance agent to review where you stand for 2015. Whether you are under age 65 or over age 65, there's exciting new stuff that you need to know about before you set your sales for next year.


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