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January 2016

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Donna Weston, Founder and Executive Director.

I love being organized. Okay. The reality is… I love the idea of being organized!  A place for everything and everything in its place. Great concept, right? Execution?  Uhhh… not so good. I put items down on my desk intending to get to them soon. Then, I get frustrated with not being able to see my desktop, so I put things all in one big pile. The result? I lose things!

My good friend and co-worker looks at our company’s electronic folders and gets overwhelmed at the mess that it‘s in - “Where is that document?” Or, my son does his homework, but doesn’t turn it in because he can’t find it. I think you get the picture!

So, what is the big deal? Why am I concerned about this lack of organization? It’s just a factor in our busy lives, right?  


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Tips for Parents - Get the Picture


 “Many kids with LD have difficulty with the skill of REVISUALIZATION. This prevents them from calling up a picture into their mind's eye. For example, if I say "Eiffel Tower" you can automatically recall what the Parisian landmark looks like by "picturing it" in your mind. This perceptual weakness makes it difficult for LD kids to spell because they are unable to "picture" the correct formation of the word in their mind.

A lack of revisualization will also prevent the child from cleaning his room correctly because he is unable to picture the finished product (the clean room) in his mind as he attempts to complete the process of cleaning. This is comparable to attempting to complete a jigsaw puzzle without first knowing what the finished puzzle will look like.

The solution? Get the room clean and orderly and take photographs of the room from several angles. Post the photos on the child's bulletin board for him to refer to during the cleaning process. This strategy compensates for his inability to revisualize…and prevents the weekly "….and don't come out until that room is clean" battle.”'

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Organizational Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities: The Master Filing System for Paper

“Think of it: Electricians arrive at a customer's home to do work and ask if they can borrow tools. A lacrosse team runs onto the field for the big game without their helmets or chest pads. Paramedics respond to a 911 call but leave the first-aid kit at the fire station. Unacceptable? Of course. The electricians would go out of business. The lacrosse players would be benched. The paramedics would be suspended. To do their jobs, these people need instant access to specialized equipment and tools. So do students. Yet we often hear: "I forgot my book." "I lost my binder." "I didn't print out my homework." "Can I borrow a pen?"

Students who have learning disabilities and weaknesses in executive function frequently struggle to keep track of the tools they need for schoolwork. Notebooks, handouts, homework—even pencils and pens—seem to vanish inexplicably. Why is it so essential that students learn to manage their materials? First, efficient access to needed materials allows more time-on-task for learning. Second, good organizational skills contribute to students' feelings that they are in control of their learning.

The Master Filing System for paper is one effective strategy that helps students with learning disabilities manage their materials. Though the research on the effectiveness of teaching materials management skills is slim, the work that has been done indicates that these skills are essential for academic and career success.”

The complete article can be read here!

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How to Teach Children to Clean Their Rooms
Trying to get your child to clean their room can be a daunting task, but this article may help to alleviate some of the stress. It offers a straightforward guide on how to make cleaning easy and enlightening. It might even help you learn more about your child!

Cleaning Checklist for Kid’s Bedroom
If you’re anything like us here at Discovery, you use a to-do list in some way or another throughout the day. Making a list can help organize your thoughts and create a clear action plan. Take the same approach to cleaning with this article which also includes a free printable!

Donna Weston, our program director, talks about how one of her biggest takeaways from this book is setting a small goal and mastering it before setting another. This book is an invaluable resource for those struggling to organize your wired brain!

“Michael's room was always a disaster area, strewn with all kinds of litter--heaps of papers, piles of crumpled clothes, and dirty socks everywhere. And that was just the top layer! The trouble was, half the room belonged to Michael's brother Norman the neatness nut. It was the battle of the bedroom--with Norman fighting to keep his spotless territory free from the invasion of Michael's mess.”


What People Are Saying

“Discovery Therapies gives me confidence.”

- Current DTI student.

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Game of the Month


“Q-bitz will challenge your visual agility, memory, pattern identifications and hand eye coordination. Recreate the displayed shape in the allotted time frame, or suffer defeat. Are you fast enough? “

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Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

There are tons of great events going on at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. Check out the calendar here!



Costume and the Cinema

“This exciting exhibition includes 43 period costumes from 26 films, depicting five centuries of history, drama, and comedy. An experience like no other awaits visitors as they discover the glamour and artistry of cinematic couture, delight in sumptuous fabrics and unparalleled embroidery, and bask in the allure of famous film stars. The amazing costumes in this exhibition come from a collection of more than 100,000 costumes and accessories made by the renowned British costumer, Cosprop Ltd.”

Main Street Ice

“Grab your family and friends, and head down to Boyd Plaza for the opening day of Main Street ICE! The City of Columbia’s outdoor ice skating rink, located at the corner of Main and Hampton streets, returns for another year of fun for the whole family.

Main Street ICE opens Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, from 5 to 10 p.m., and will remain open until January 18, 2016. Opening day price is $8 for adults, $5 for children ages 12 and under. “

*All of these descriptions were excerpted from their linked sites. Click on titles to view more information and buy tickets.




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