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15 April 2015
Dear Friend,

We're just a week away from the opening of the Jeff Baron play, Visiting Mr Green. This nearly 20 year old play has picked up some impressive awards along the way. Brett Turner as Director will bring us his very special interpretation of this play that has had over 400 separate productions in many countries. In Diary Dates you will see that due to demand an extra matinee performance has been scheduled for 1pm Sunday 3 May.

Other highlights in coming weeks will include auditions for Time Stands Still, by Donald Margulies, directed by Ellis Ebell and The Frivolous Fashion Parade & Retro Sale, a chance to pick up a wonderful or weird fashion item from our extensive wardrobe. Details of both can be found in this edition.

In keeping with tradition, we have another set of Traveller's Tales; this time from our intrepid Secretary, Shirley Sydenham, who is just back from Viet Nam.
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Visiting Mr Green

A small but enthusiastic group attended the Open Rehearsal for Visiting Mr Green on Sunday 22 March. 

All who attended appreciated the opportunity to see the rehearsal process in action and were impressed by the work of director, Brett Turner and his cast Trevor Hanna and Kieran Tracey

The afternoon tea that followed provided an opportunity for all to mingle, chat and socialise. 


Bernadette Wheatley
Production Coordinator

Photos courtesy of Tony Tartaro


Time Stands Still

by Donald Margulies
Director -  Ellis Ebell
Production Coordinator - Barbara Hughes
Season: 2 - 18 July

Audition Dates:  
 Sunday 26 April 1.00pm to 4.00pm                                                   Monday 27 April 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Auditions by Appointment:                                                            Contact Ellis to make an appointment 0417 393 296


Set in a loft apartment in New York and spanning a year, the play starts with Sarah and her partner James arriving at the apartment after Sarah was injured in a roadside bomb incident in Iraq.  The play deals with her physical rehabilitation and also her emotional adjustment to life in New York. She longs for the chaos and adventure that covering a war gives her. James, on the other hand, is recovering from a breakdown and longs for a conventional family life.

Along comes their longtime friend Richard with his new young girlfriend Mandy. Mandy is not their intellectual equal but she is caring and kind and honest and sincere.

The relationships between the four characters are complex and makes for some compelling theatre.


Slight New York accents required for all roles.

Sarah Goodwin (major role) the photo journalist, late 30’s early 40’s.

The atrocities she’s witnessed have given her a tough edge. She has a wry sense of humour and seems to thrive on conflict and chaos, trapping moments through the camera lens and fixing them in time, using her lens as an emotional shield.  We see her slow recovery from the effects of the bomb.

James Dodd (major role) Sarah’s partner of eight and a half years, similar age to Sarah late 30’s early 40’s.  

He’s a freelance journalist who had a breakdown covering the war in Iraq and returned home to NY.  He wants to settle down and have a family.  Sarah finds this concept difficult!

Richard Ehrlich (support role) photo editor, older friend of both Sarah and James. He’s about 55. He’s brash but has genuine feelings for them both. 

Mandy Bloom (support role) 25ish.  

Richard’s much younger girlfriend. Initially comes over as a bit of a bimbo but she has a heart and is not afraid to speak her mind.  She’s probably one of the most complex characters in the play.

Retro or ridiculous?

Retro or ridiculous?  
Wonderful or just plain weird? You’ll find it all at our Frivolous Fashion Parade and Retro Sale.

Our wardrobe department is bursting at the seams. We’d love to keep it all but we just can’t so now’s your opportunity to snap up a bargain.

The fun starts at 1pm with the Fashion Parade. Buy a glass of bubbles and enjoy it as we take a stroll through the fabulous and frightful fashions of the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.  The Parade will be followed by the Retro Sale with bargains galore!
All ladies’ clothing but blokes are welcome too.
Enquiries to Barb on 0417-589-015.

For Pete's Sake


It’s mid Apri and we’re mere days away from the opening of our second show for the year – the delightful Visiting Mr Green. I know Brett Turner and his talented team have been working feverishly to make sure it’s slick, polished and ready for opening night. Prepare the champers and choc gingers!!

As many of you will know, next year WLT will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. The Committee has started the process of putting together a calendar of exciting events to mark this wonderful milestone (I know of some people who haven’t recovered from the 60th). Make sure you stay tuned to this esteemed publication for more information about this as the year rolls on.

But how important is it to recognise and celebrate these milestones? I think it’s really important for a number of reasons:

Firstly, it’s a great chance to reflect on the achievements of the past. You will have noticed the lists of plays we’ve donehanging in the foyer. Just looking over those titles gives you a really good sense of the changing nature of theatre and society both in Williamstown and in Australia more generally. It’s interesting to track the themes and trends in what was popular in each epoch, the changes in subject matter, the varying emphasis on locally written pieces and the style of the plays we were doing. Ellis Ebell has been doing a marvellous job of compiling our archives of past productions including photos, programmes and posters. The changes in hair styles are quite remarkable……

Secondly, it gives us a chance to celebrate the contribution of the individuals involved over the years. Today, we are the beneficiaries of generations of hard work put into the company. Anniversaries are a chance to remember, relive and reconnect. I hope the 70th birthday festivities will be a great chance for people to reconnect with WLT. 

Thirdly, occasions like this encourage us to look to the future; to decide now what sort of company we want to be for the next 70 years. I’m sure the principles of community spirit, the honing and utilisation of skills and talents and the continued focus on theatrical excellence will live on well into the future. And choc-tops. I think we should have choc tops.

2016 seems a long way off – but given that we’re already in mid April I get the feeling the new year will be upon us sooner than we could imagine!! And I "for one" am looking forward to it.

See you in the foyer!



Members            & Friends



Shirley's Vietnam Visit


Well, I’m back on deck after a delightful holiday in Vietnam, travelling from north to south on the coast side. I was very chuffed at conquering road crossings from my very first day. Good that I started in Hanoi to practice, because I ended in Ho Chi Minh City, and that traffic was insane!  I enjoyed two nights on the magical Halong Bay; one night on a boat and the other on Monkey Island. Very proud of going through Surprise Cave… for whatever reason it was named that. The real surprise was that I got up there to the cave entrance (around 200 steep steps cut into the rock) and got right through cavern after cavern. I have to admit rushing the last bit because I swear the roof was getting lower and lower, though I seemed to be the only tourist crawling on all fours! The north experienced misty rain and was chilly for that whole first week and my Nimh Binh boat ride was somewhat marred by quite heavy rain,
and I got drenched in the open boat.  Umbrella useless : after just a few minutes one couldn’t get any wetter.  

Going south to Hue certainly dried me out and warmed me up somewhat… 39º with a humidity of over 80%, which made it hard going, with truly hundreds of steep steps to climb to see ancient temples and mausoleums… boy. Those ancient kings really liked to be interred in huge, high places! I suppose you want a commanding view from your final resting place!  Hoi An was enchanting, the old port decorated with silk lanterns that were lit up at night. The river at night was just magic with all the shimmering reflections of the lanterns.  I enjoyed a daytime boat trip on the river, explored a fascinating ancient temple, and enjoyed great food. 

All too soon it was Ho Chi Minh City and the real road crossing challenges but, again, great food and interesting sights. The Vietnamese people are just lovely, everyone so friendly. Got great mileage with two Vietnamese words: hello and thank you… people responded so well. They all understand ‘how much is this?’ so there was no need to learn that in Vietnamese! I had some great cooking lessons, and have been practicing since my return and sorting through my photos.  

But it’s back down to earth once again… as stage manager of Visiting Mr Green I found myself sniffling through their first full run through a couple of weeks ago. And that was with scripts in hand and some weeks' rehearsal ahead, so imagine the progress since then. I warn you that some between-scenes set changes may be delayed because the SM is sobbing in the wings….!

Thanks to Shirley for some great images which are from top to bottom

  • Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi... turtle tower through the rain
  • Hoi An street lanterns at night
  • Ho Chi Minh City traffic...and yes Shirley crossed several roads at this huge roundabout
  • At cooking class Ho Chi Minh City...Shirley made that soup!
After many years at Front of House welcoming patrons to the theatre, Irene Male has decided it's time to hang up her maroon apron. We'll miss her energy and her smiling face in FoH, and we thank her for her wonderful contribution to WLT over the years. We'll continue to see her on the other side of the counter though!
Many of us are of an age where those decade birthdays take on some significance. So it was for one of our members and friends recently. Adrienne Williamson, mother of WLT's youngest members Matthew and Joshua Williamson and wife to Neil Williamson has recently turned 50. Adrienne celebrated this auspicious event in fine style with a large group of friends on hand to mark the occasion. Here she is with a few WLT friends and other friends. They sure look like a happy bunch and some of us know that 50 is a great age to be. Happy birthday to Adirenne from all her friends at Williamstown Little Theatre.
LtoR: Brian, Karen, Alex, Adrienne, Suzanne, Barb, Hans, Bernadette

Fire at "The Costume Factory"

Very sad to hear the news of a fire at JC Westend at their Macaulay Road, Kensington factory, also known as the Costume Factory. WLT have done business with them over the years and Maureen McInerney is well known to many of us. Tony Tartaro has written the following.

All of us who have been costuming productions for any length of time will have been saddened to learn of the recent massive fire at “The Costume Factory/JC Westend Costume Hire” in Kensington on Easter Monday. The wonderful and diverse collection, which has been completely lost, was a significant resource to the performing arts contained and many costumes from the old JC Williamson’s wardrobe that used to operate behind Her Majesty’s Theatre.

The management and staff have provided great service to the theatre community of Melbourne for decades and they have provided costumes for many a WLT production over the years. In particular store manager, Maureen McInerney, will be well known to many of Melbourne’s non-professional and school theatre costumers and actors.

We wish co-owner, Peter Anthony, and all his team every success in recovering from this disaster on both a personal and business level .

Tony Tartaro

Image courtesy "The Age"

Costume Factory costumes used in WLT's 2012 production of Compleat Female Stage Beauty

ANZAC 100 Daylesford showcasing WLT

Life members and Daylesford residents Ellis Ebell and Frank Page have been involved in the staging of a major Anzac centenary event. Ellis took on the Event Director role while Frank was chair of the organising committee. Planning for the event commenced six months ago with a small group of talented and experienced Daylesford locals.

The event took place last Saturday in fine weather. Commencing just before dusk a free community street event involved an escort of the Creswick Light Horse Troop, vintage motor vehicles and fire appliances, the Daylesford Community Brass Band and the Daylesford Pipes and Drums. A crowd of around 1000 locals and visitors gathered outside the town hall for a ceremony that reenacted a similar one 100 years ago in the very same location - see image. Plaques were presented by local Federal Member, Catherine King MP, Shadow Health Minister, to both the CFA and RSL, honouring the 9 Daylesford firemen who went to Gallipoli. Both "God Save the King" and "Advance Australia Fair" were sung and after speeches the reciting of The Ode and playing of the Last Post and Reveille was a moving end to the ceremony.

Inside the town hall followed a ticketed concert with the music and songs from World War I in the first half, along with readings of letters from the front to Daylesford families during the Gallipoli campaign. World War II music, song and dance featured in the second half with the Daylesford Swing Band. Daylesford has some very talented singers and they were featured in the concert, including Madam a trio of women who sang from the Andrews Sisters repertoire. With a bar and a country supper served in ration boxes the night was set. With sing-alongs of war-time songs everyone joined in the spirit of the evening and there were some very moving moments.

WLT was well represented with President Peter Newling doing a superb job as Master of Ceremonies and a small contingent of Barb Hughes, Brian Christopher, Bernadette Wheatley, Alex Begg, Alex Almond and Ian and Sandy Green. On stage Ellis and Madam made good use of the WLT wardrobe including the Andrews Sisters styled wigs with thanks to Susan Haywood.

The event was very successful with wonderful feedback from the community. Ellis and Frank are breathing a sign of relief that it all went off so well and without a hitch and they're hoping to regain their lives now!  Some images from the night appear below.

Diary Dates

Visiting Mr Green
By Jeff Baron
Director: Brett Turner

Season: 23 April - 9 May
Note: Extra Matinee performance Sunday 3 May  1pm

Time Stands Still
By Donald Marguilies
Director: Ellis Ebell

Sunday 26 April 1pm - 4pm
Monday 27 April 7.30pm - 10.30pm

Frivolous Fashion Parade & Retro Sale
Saturday 2 May  1pm

Bump out Visiting Mr Green
Tuesday 12 May from about 5.30/6pm
BBQ Dinner provided

Set Construction Time Stands Still
Commences:  Saturday 16 May 1pm and each Saturday following until completed. Contact Brian Christopher for details if you are interested 0458 134 469

Time Stands Still
By Donald Marguilies
Director: Ellis Ebell

Season: 2 - 18 July
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