Buffalo Gal AUDITIONS 5-6 July
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15 June 2015

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to our first winter edition of Cues & News for the year. Winter, of course, conjures up cold and even snow, so keep that thought and take note of our Christmas in July event coming up on 25 July. Pop it in your diary now and look out for the flyer in this edition.

The stage is set for Time Stands Still, now well and truly into rehearsals with Director Ellis Ebell. This is promising to be another memorable production and we hear it is now almost sold out! Due to the pesky illness of some of the cast we had to cancel the Open Rehearsal on Sunday 7 June. Fortunately with technology these days we were able to communicate this quickly along with the rescheduled Open Rehearsal date (yesterday, Sunday 14 June) via Facebook and a quick MailChimp postcard mail out.

We hear on the grapevine that planning is underway for WLT's big 70th anniversary celebrations in 2016. A sub committee has been formed and there's some exciting activity in the mix. It's hard to believe nearly 10 years has passed since our 60@WLT, 60th anniversary. Watch this space for more details as plans start to firm up.

Now that grapevine has been pretty active because we also hear that work is underway to further refresh our all important website. Chris Baldock helped us by creating its current structure  a year or so ago, and now thanks to Jennifer Piper we have the opportunity to introduce some more enhancements. Like any good organisation we’re always striving to improve and we hope that this tweaking of the website will increase engagement and convenience for all our members, friends and patrons. 

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Time Stands Still

by Donald Marguilies
Directed by Ellis Ebell
2 July - 18 July
Our handsome cast and director for Time Stands Still - rear L to R Tim Constantine, Ellis Ebell, Rowan Howard; seated L to R Pauline Constantine, Stephanie Gonelli

Preparations are well in hand for our next production, Time Stands Still.

Director Ellis Ebell and his cast of Pauline Constantine, Tim Constantine, Rowan Howard and Stephanie Gonelli have been hard at work bringing this absorbing drama to life.  Some cast members are almost books down so our Prompt, Kay Hambling, might soon be out of a job.

The set design by David Dare, with assistance from John Burrett, is taking shape.  David is heading the set construction team of Ray Hare, Brian Christopher, Michael Wityk, Alex Begg and Neil Williamson.  All this gorgeousness will be lit by Craig Pearcey.

Tony Tartaro is gathering costumes and is reconvening his sewing circle aka the Ancient Roman Sewers.  And, as if he’s not busy enough, Tony is joining with Bob Harsley to dress the set.

Neil Williamson and Roger Forsey are handling the technical aspects of the show.  And I’m busy finding and making the many props that will be expertly handled during the show by our wonderful Stage Manager, Emma Hunt.

So it’s all systems go for yet another great show at WLT.

Barb Hughes
Production Coordinator

PS. The play requires champagne and US wine bottles so Brian and I have been researching.  The things we do for art!



Buffalo Gal
by A.R. Gurney
Director: George Werther


Season: 10-26 September

Audition dates:
Sunday 5 July from 1.30pm
Monday 6 July from 7.30pm

Auditions by appointment only -
Contact Director,
George Werther  
Mobile: 0402 222 090


Please bring to the audition a completed Audition Form (CLICK HERE to download form) and a non-returnable headshot with name on the back, attached to the form.


When Hollywood diva Amanda returns to her home city of Buffalo in New York to play the lead in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, life begins to imitate art. Both her career and personal life are at a watershed as she revisits the world that shaped her. In the midst of rehearsals for The Cherry Orchard we are transported between the relationships and regrets of both Amanda and her alter-ego Madam Ranevskaya. This is a delightful and poignant piece which speaks to both the world of the theatre and the ephemeral nature of opportunities and choices we make over the inevitable the passing of time. 



AMANDA - "Middle-aged" (40s-50s), attractive. A Hollywood diva, who expects to be treated as such, no longer at the top of her game but somewhat in denial. Passionate about everything, including her former home town, but with a suggestion of insincerity. A somewhat larger than life character but with insecurity about her future life and career not far below the surface. She does have genuine nostalgia for her former home town and its people. Major role.

JACKIE - 30s-50s. The director of the theatre and of The Cherry Orchard. No nonsense, business-like but passionate about her theatre and its impact on her personal life. Cynical about the politics of major theatre/movies and those involved. Very significant Role

ROY - 30s-50s. The production stage manager. Also a no-nonsense person, insightful, an organiser. A lover of the spoken work. Moderate size role.

DEBBIE - 20s. The "intern" assistant stage manager. Enthusiastic (sometimes too much) tries to impress with her knowledge of the theatre scene and related issues - sometimes annoying. Significant role.

JAMES - 40s * African AmericanA committed actor with charm and warmth. From a poor background but has made good. Re-engages with Amanda having done drama classes together in Buffalo in their youth. A modest but high impact role. *Will consider other ethnicity; please discuss with director.

DAN - 40s-50s. A dentist, married with children, who had a relationship with Amanda when they were young. He is a romantic, somewhat unrealistic, but has fantasies of reigniting their relationship when he hears she has returned to Buffalo. Somewhat naive, a nice guy. A modest but high impact role.

Over the River and Through the Woods

by Joe DiPietro
Director: Helen Ellis


Season: 19 November - 6 December

Audition date:
Monday 27 July from 7.15pm

Auditions by appointment only -
Contact Director, Helen Ellis


Please bring to the audition a completed Audition Form (CLICK HERE to download form) and a non-returnable headshot with name on the back, attached to the form.


Nick, a single, Italian-American man from New Jersey, has dinner every week with his two sets of grandparents, four Italian oldies who eat, talk, and argue, and whose lives centre around him. He is offered his dream job but it’s in Seattle. He is torn and the grandparental schemes to keep him in town, including introducing him to a nice young woman, cause him to have a panic attack that results in having to stay with them for a few days. This is when he really gets to know them. A witty and poignant play that addresses the issues of family expectations that change with each generation.



Nick Cristano… in his thirties

Frank Gianelli… Nick’s maternal grandfather, 80 years old

Aida Gianelli… Nick’s maternal grandmother, in her 70s

Nunzio Cristano… Nick’s paternal grandfather, in his 70s

Emma Cristano… Nick’s paternal grandmother, in her 70s

Caitlin O’Hare… Attractive and charming, in her late 20s

Visiting Mr Green Review

Cues & News acknowledges and thanks VDL Theatrecraft for sharing their review.

Visiting Mr Green Fundraiser

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Williamstown

Thanks to the auspices of Sandra Lewin, Holy Trinity Williamstown was invited to host a Fundraising evening in conjunction with the Williamstown Little Theatre production of Visiting Mr Green.

We were able to provide a full house for the preview performance of this excellent production starring Trevor Hanna and Kieran Tracey in a 'two hander' about reconciliation, youth and age who held the audience in the palms of their hands for the entire evening.

A traditional Holy Trinity supper of excellent home cooked food rounded off the evening complemented by a glass of HTW Pinot to ward off the chill night air.

$1500 was raised for the HTW Community Lunch Program and an additional $370 through the raffle and drink sales.

What was particularly pleasing was the opportunity it afforded to bring in the wider community. Huge thanks are owed to the team at Williamstown Little Theatre, Sandra Lewin, David Brideson, Liz White, Carol Huren and Chris Ringrose for all their work in making it such a successful night.

Alison Brideson
Editor Pilot/Webmistress
Holy Trinity Williamstown

Christmas in July

Click here for your special Christmas in July music


The Farndale Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol 

A comedy by David Macgillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr.

For Pete's Sake

Hi everyone, and welcome to winter. For those of you who like open fires and mulled wine, enjoy the next few months. For those of you who prefer warmth, well there’s only 77 days of winter to go….

Hey, I have a question for you. Well, it’s not really a question – more a proposition – but you’ll get the idea. Most of you will have heard the expression “Comedy is harder to do than drama”. Is it? (Actually, that is a question after all).

I’ve seen some absolute brilliance in very clever actors putting across very complex characters' emotions in dramas. I’ve seen unbelievably complicated relationships played out before me,and made to look simple. I have no idea how some actors are able to reach the levels of emotion they are able to portray. I’ve seen the work of amazing directors who are able to perfectly pace the breakdown of a character or relationship and use music and lighting to underpin and emphasise the depth of emotion.

But I’ve also seen comedy done incredibly well. Even the most inane and trite script can be made hilarious in the right hands. There have been plays that I’ve read and dismissed as lightweight or genuinely unfunny until I’ve seen them performed and then laughed my head off. I’ve seen directors milk every nuance out of a script and still have me begging for more.

Surely the skill level involved in doing either well is equal. Isn’t it?

I love Mel Brooks’ insights into the matter - "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die". To Brooks, comedy is an extension of drama; without drama comedy cannot exist. You won’t get the comedy if you don’t get the drama behind it.

Perhaps the answer is in a double negative. Maybe it’s not so much a case of “Comedy is harder to do well”, rather a case of “Comedy is easier to do badly”. Are we less forgiving of comedy? Or is it just that we laugh at different things?

What do you think?

See you in the foyer.


Diary Dates

Costume Sewing Bees

Enquiries Tony Tartaro CLICK HERE to email Tony.
Saturdays 13 June & 20 June  1-4pm

Time Stands Still
By Donald Marguilies
Director: Ellis Ebell

Season: 2-18 July

Buffalo Gal
By A.R. Gurney
Director: George Werther

Auditions: 5-6 July - details elsewhere

Season: 10-26 September

Christmas in July

Saturday 25 July 7.30pm - details elsewhere

Over the River and Through the Woods
By Joe DiPietro
Director: Helen Ellis

Auditions: Monday 27 July from 7.15pm - details elsewhere

Season: 19 November - 6 December


Members & Friends

WLT's technical guru Roger Forsey and wife Wendy have just had an extended holiday in Tokyo. They loved it so much that they're going back there again to see more of Japan. Roger has promised to give us one of his little travelogues and we hope he will cover their experience of riding the subway and other train journeys; e.g. rushing to the airport for their flight home! Like most travelling WLT-ites they are an intrepid couple tackling anything and getting the most out of their holiday.

We noticed on Facebook this interesting picture of Kieran Tracey who played Ross Gardiner in our recent production of Visiting Mr Green. Kieran is obviously sitting in an empty WLT auditorium sort of looking for the audience? Anyway some of his colleagues from that production had some suggestions for him which you'll just have to look at on the WLT Facebook page. Congratulations again to Kieran and the rest of the VMG team on another great review published elsewhere in this edition of Cues & News, thanks to VDL Theatrecraft.


Ellis Ebell wants to thank all those who responded to his request for old programmes.  However,  he's still looking for the following:

The Duenna and Semi Detached, both from 1970

Terra Nova, The Golden Age and The Birthday Party from 2000

Tons of Money 2002 and Gross Indecency 2007

Not only did he get programmes but also had some contact with (he dares to say) older members.  Great to hear from Life Members Laurie Gellon and  June Lowndes  (pictured below during her long performance career at WLT) via her son John.

John tells us that June looks forward to receiving her copy of Cues & News and as her eyesight isn’t the best, John reads our newsletter to her each month.  When she hears a familiar name she gets a smile on her face as the memories of her many, many years with WLT flood back.


We mentioned last month the Real Estate ambitions of Ellis Ebell and Frank Page up in Daylesford. Well, in what must have been a record locally their Miner's Cottage sold in under a week. They're pretty happy with that result and only fleetingly wondered if they should have bumped the price up a bit!

Trivia & Bodies at West Independent Theatre

That mob up the river from us at the Bluestone Church Arts Space, 10A Hyde Street, Footscray is at it again. They've put together a program of quirky activity over the next few weeks. These theatre treats are promising to be loads of fun so think about joining in. CLICK HERE for your link to full details.  We love our connection with WIT through our mate Jennifer Piper, a founding member of this company.

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