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Does your church neighborhood have individuals that do not understand English? Odds are very good that you do. About 1 out of every 5 households in the U.S. speak a language other than English in their home. Here's your chance to have a great outreach ministry. Now you can translate your messages in real time into over 100 languages, and make everyone feel welcome in your church by greeting them in their own language. Streamer™ goes way beyond simple bi-directional language translation to give you complete voice-to-voice, United Nations-style capabilities where everything said is simultaneously translated into each person’s preferred language. Now everyone attending your services can hear the message in their own language. Streamer™ does all the work for you by translating and speaking aloud everything anyone says (or types or writes as well). Here’s how:
  • Open your Account Settings (click on the "Person" icon near the upper righthand corner of the Streamer™ interface) to see your current language settings. Most likely, since you’re reading this email, that’s an English dialect. While you’re on that page make sure to check the Language Translation box. We also recommend checking the Show Flag icon and selecting your Preferred Voice. The voice you select is what Streamer™ uses when it translates your speech - your Preferred Voice is used to repeat what you say in Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, or whichever language(s) are selected, using that preferred voice. When you're finished, click on the Update button.
  • Other individuals can do the above step for their accounts to select their preferred language. When they do this, anything anyone says in any language will now be presented to them in their preferred language.
  • You can also create shared guest accounts that anyone can use - something like Guest-Spanish, or Guest-Korean. This way anyone that comes to your services can use your guest account to see and hear the message in their native language. One of the earlier emails I sent includes steps on how to do that. If you can’t locate that email, then click here for the Quick Start Guide.
  • Now anything said (or typed or written) in any account is simultaneously translated to each person’s preferred language. To see how it works. login to your English account on one device (e.g., laptop, phone, etc.), and login to one of your new foreign language accounts using a second device (or using a second browser on your computer). Whatever you say on that first device in English is briefly displayed on the second device in English (that way the user knows which language you’re speaking) and then is quickly translated to their preferred language. Conversely, whatever is spoken or typed into the second or third or fourth device is then sent to you and quickly translated into English.
  • There are two ways to have the translation spoken aloud:
    • Hover your mouse over the paragraph and you’ll see a Play Arrow that will voice that paragraph.
    • To automatically voice aloud everything that is being said, select Continuous TTS in the Streamer Settings menu. For this option it’s best if each guest has an earbud that they’ll use to listen to the translation.
  • User Tip: If you would prefer to see and hear translations on a single device rather than multiple devices, log into Streamer™ using the Chrome browser for your first User Account (e.g., the account for English) and use another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Edge to open the other User Account(s) (e.g., the ones for Spanish, Korean, or whichever language(s) you've selected). That way all the translations will appear on a single computer. However, remember that you can only use Streamer's microphone with a Chrome browser.
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