Shared User Accounts
You’re encouraged to share your subscription with anyone and everyone – it’s all part of our goal of removing communication barriers throughout the world. Here's a video showing you how to do that. One way is using Shared Accounts. Shared Accounts are especially useful for situations with large audiences such as church services, conferences, seminars and webinars. Instead of each person creating their own User Account, and you then having to give each of those accounts access to your Streamer™ Room, with a Shared Account everyone logs into Streamer™ using the same Account Name and password. For example, you could set up an account called MyRoom-Guest (where MyRoom is the name of the room they'll be using). At the beginning of your presentation you can let everyone in attendance know that to view a captioning they can simply go to and login using that account. We've created some templates you can use for your presentations. Click here to view the templates, and click here to download a PowerPoint file of the templates. Here are some additional tips when using Shared Accounts.
  • After you have created the new shared account, exit Streamer™, log back in using your Admin account, jump into your Room and type /makenormal @user where user is the name of your guest account. This removes the text and command box for that account, meaning guests can only view the captioning. With a normal account, users cannot caption their speech nor enter text into the transcript, nor can they change the password or language settings for the account. Basically, with a Normal User account, they can only view the captioning, just like someone does if they're viewing captioning on a television screen. If during your presentation or meeting you do want to open up the account for questions from the audience, simply type /makesuper @user and the text box is displayed once again.
  • You can also use shared accounts to support a multi-lingual audience. For example, for a webinar you may have attendees that would prefer to see and hear what you’re saying in Spanish, Arabic or Japanese. To do this set up a shared account with the desired language, and name the account something like MyRoom--Arabic. At the start of your presentation you can list all the various shared accounts that you’ve created and guests can pick the one that works best for them. That way every attendee will view and hear what you’re saying in their own preferred language.
  • If you want guests to have the ability to download a transcript, use your Admin account to jump into the room and type /setdownload yes. If you’d rather they not have that ability, type /setdownload no. See the online help menu for a complete description of the /setdownload command.
  • And remember you can easily share documents with all attendees by simply dragging and dropping the item into the transcription window.

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