Corporate Wide Deployments

With Streamer™, it’s easy to configure and manage a corporate-wide system that provides unlimited private and secure captioning, note-taking and translation services for all your employees. This is easy to do, especially since we’ll configure it for you. We have all sorts of tools that automate the process, so we’re happy to provide this service to you for no additional charge. For any questions on any of the following information, send a Streamer message to @Streamer-Admin, or send an email to or give us a call at +1-507-645-8924.

Configuring your System

It’s common for businesses to start with a single Streamer™ room with the idea of supporting just one employee that perhaps is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and then to quickly move to more employees, and eventually to supporting every employee in the firm. Everyone can benefit from having always-available unlimited captioning, note-taking and translation services. Your system can range from a few employees in a single building, to a global network of development teams spread throughout the world. It can be used caption a private conversation between two individuals or maybe translating a presentation for 100,000 people attending a global event. In all cases, Streamer™ automatically scales to meet the situation. You can implement a corporate wide system at a monthly cost of around 3 to 7 cents per employee (that’s not a misprint) - the more employees you have, the lower the price. This gives everyone access to unlimited captioning, translation, and note-taking services throughout the year, anytime and as often as desired. And, when you do this, we’ll set up everything for you. We’ll create all the user accounts. Assign rooms to buildings, teams and individuals. Perform all the /allow commands for you. Set up your preferred Phrase categories and Welcome messages. We’ll send each person information on their account and how it’s used, and of course host training sessions for your staff. It’s all included in your price, which again is about 3 to 7 cents per month per employee. Here’s more information on how your configuration will work:
Corporate-Wide Admin Accounts
These accounts have access to all the Streamer rooms in your corporate account. They can be used to set all permissions and security protocols. You will use these accounts to monitor usage in each facility and reassign Streamer rooms to other locations as desired. As with any Streamer account, you can use them from any computer at any time in any location.
Building-Wide Admin Accounts
Each facility in your corporation also has at least one Admin account. By default, these accounts can only access the Streamer Rooms associated with that building. They do not see all the rooms in the entire corporation, just ones that have been assigned to them.
Management Accounts
Each manager receives their own account and personal Streamer room. If you have a corporate wide account management system, something like Keeper or Dashlane, we’ll integrate all your Streamer accounts into that system.
Employee Accounts
If you want, we will also create an account for each employee and do this every year, deleting old accounts as individuals leave and adding new ones for incoming employees. If employees are reassigned to new buildings, we’ll automatically reassign these accounts as well. You can of course do this yourselves, or we’ll do it for you and do it at no additional cost. To do this, we will need access to employee names and their work locations, which we realize you may not want to share with an outside firm. Again, that’s fine. You can control all account creation internally, we’re just here to help if needed. We of course keep any employee data confidential, it will never ever be shared to any third-party firm, and once the data is processed, we delete it.

Managing your Corporate-Wide Deployment

In addition to the above, where we will do most of your configuring and maintenance, here are a few ways Streamer™ makes it easy to manage and scale a corporate-wide deployment that meets your firm’s evolving captioning, translation and communication needs.
There are no installs. Performing installs and updates can be a huge task for IT departments to undertake. With Streamer™ that’s not needed, it's a website, so there are no installation or version controls to manage. Users simply go to the website; that’s all it takes. You can be assured that all your employees are using the same updated version at the same time. This greatly simplifies wide area deployments.
Employees can access Streamer™ from almost any device. There are no concerns with operating system compatibility, minimum CPU or RAM specifications, or replacing a license that’s tied to a laptop that has gotten broken or lost. Again, because Streamer™ is a website it can be accessed anywhere on almost any system with the same user interface.
There are no limits to the number of users.  For corporations it can be very difficult to purchase the right amount of software licenses to meet the needs of the business. And, when you install a purchased license on a computer it can be difficult to move that license to another platform. With Streamer™, you have an unlimited number of User Accounts and those accounts are never tied to any specific device. An employee can use the same login on a laptop, tablet and smartphone – no limits. 
Streamer™ easily scales to meet the needs of your firm. Each subscription you add to your account gives you another Room that is included in the Lobby of your Streamer™ website. These rooms can be assigned to a specific employee, to an area within a building (such as a conference room, or the cafetiria), or for a specific purpose (such as captioning corporate webinars). In addition, you can create an unlimited number of user accounts - one for every employee if you like - as well as shared accounts to support corporate-wide events. You can do this anywhere, at any time, using your Admin account.
Privacy and security are important.  Corporate data privacy requirements are becoming more important and increasingly difficult to manage. If you lock employees out of their computers they have to come to you with every request for new installations and updates, and if you give them too much access then viruses and corrupt disk images are sure to follow. With Streamer™, it’s not an issue. All data is encrypted in all directions, and your Admin account gives you complete control over all access and usage permissions. For example, you can configure an employee’s User Account to only see the single room they can use, or you can configure a room that is available to any person when they enter a specific area (such as the conference room). You set permissions according to your preference, such as the ability to download transcripts. You specify the settings for each individual room, or use global commands to change the settings for all your rooms. In short, because it is a complete web-based solution, Streamer™ makes it easy to configure security and privacy that is in complete compliance with your corporate policy.

Your Admin Lobby shows the activity of all your rooms. You can easily monitor which rooms are being used at any given time, and by how many people. This makes it easy to see if some rooms (e.g. shared rooms) are in constant use, indicating that a new one should be added, and also to notice if a given room is not being used and that it can potentially be redeployed to another location or individual.

The included private messaging feature makes tech support easy to track and use. If a user has a question, they can send the IT department a private message directly within Streamer™. Those messages are saved in the IT’s Streamer™ notification page for processing. The support team’s reply then goes straight to the user as a private message that is also stored in their notification page. There’s no need for support emails with multiple threads, nor tracking phone messages. All the messaging and support can be done within Streamer™ itself. Your Admin account gives you complete control over all your rooms. With your Admin account you can monitor how all the rooms are being used, if they’re occupied by someone and, if so, by whom and how often. Here are some commands you can use to manage your rooms:
  • The /broadcast msg command posts a message to all your rooms and to everyone with a User Account. It’s an easy way to notify every employee and/or manager of an upcoming event or a new configuration that you’re deploying. You can also tailor the command to send a broadcast message to just a specific group of users and rooms, such as all users in a specific department or team, or perhaps everyone that uses Streamer’s language translation features.
  • The /allow @user command gives that account access to the room, /unallow @user removes that access, and /allowed lists all of the Users that currently have access to the room.
  • The /addowner @user command gives that account permission to invite others into the room, /removeowner @user takes the key away from them, and  /owners lists all the accounts that currently have ownership.
  • The /kick @user command temporarily kicks a User out of the room. This is just temporary, they can go back into the room later.
  • The /setentry no command lets users set a temporary Do Not Disturb sign on their room. This makes it easy for a single room to be shared by multiple users. People can use this when they’re holding a private meeting where others should not be able to view the transcript. When this is set, no one else can enter the room unless they first knock on the door (by using the /knock #room command) and they are then let in. Note that when the last person leaves the room, the /setentry yes command is automatically run which reopens the room.
  • The /autoclear command is a powerful feature used to control access to transcripts. You can use this command to set a specific time interval in which the transcript will always clear (e.g., every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.), a specific time of day when the transcripts in the rooms will be cleared (e.g., at 2AM each morning), the maximum length of the transcript (e.g., clear each time a new sentence is spoken), and/or to automatically erase all transcripts when the last person leaves a Streamer™ room. The last feature is especially popular, as it ensures that someone does not accidentally leave a transcript in a Room when they’re finished holding their meeting. See the Streamer online manual for a complete description on how to use the /autoclear function.
Questions and Suggestions

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know and we'll be glad to help. And especially if you have any ideas for new features that you’d like added, let us know that as well. The best way to reach us it to type @Streamer-Admin into the command bar followed by your message. You can also send an email to or give us a call at 507-645-8924.
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