Captioning, Note-Taking and Translation Services Designed for Teachers

Teacher ApprovedThe good news is that there are now a lot of ways you can provide captioning, note-taking and translation services to students. The bad news is that most of these approaches are not designed with students and teachers in mind:
  • Free systems have limited features and typically are NOT private and secure - they make their money by monitoring your conversations.
  • Many do not run on all systems.
  • Some track your usage and charge fees if you go over.
  • And most do not provide the controls that you as a teacher need!
Streamer to the Rescue. Streamer™ is a private and secure system designed specifically for teachers and students:
  • You as a teacher control when captioning can be used, who is being captioned, who sees the captioning, whether they can download the transcript, and when you delete the transcript, it is gone forever.
  • Students, if given permission, can add their own private notes to the transcript, can send you private messages asking questions, and even use Streamer™ to translate what you are saying to their language. It is all included in every Streamer™ subscription.  
Designed by Teachers and Students.  We continually use your suggestions to make Streamer even better for school settings. Our number one request this past year from teachers was to add more control over when and how the captioning system is used. That’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion. We have all seen the headlines and heard the stories where recordings have been. posted to social media feeds, and the feedback can be swift and often difficult. We’ve got you covered. Streamer™ now lets you specify the hours in which a student can use a Streamer™ room (such as for the next hour, or maybe Monday through Friday from 9 to 10AM), plus a new grouping feature that allows you to easily change permissions for all your student’s Streamer accounts with a single click, such as turning off the ability for students to message each other during an exam. You control who sees the captioning, what they can do with it (such as download it), and when they can do so. It’s all part of our commitment to give you the best tools to help you in your classroom. Thanks for partnering with us!.

Streamer is Free to Try and Affordable to Use. For a free trial, go to .  And when you do subscribe, the cost for a Streamer™ room is only $9.99/month or $99/year with substantial discounts available for educators that need multiple rooms.
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