Groups make it easy to manage the settings for multiple user accounts
with a single command.
A lot of customers asked us to add the ability to create groups within Streamer™, so we did. Thanks for the suggestion.

How it Works:  Simply go to your account setting page (click on the "person" icon near the upper right corner) and select the Phrases tab and do the following:
  1. Name your new group: Names cannot have spaces, commas or semi-colons.
  2. Add users to the group: You can do this one at a time or enter multiple user accounts by separating them with a comma, a semi-colon, or a space.
  3. Use Your Group: And now you can use the Group name in commands just like User Account names. See examples below.
  4. Note: The & symbol lets Streamer know you are entering a group name into a command (the @ symbol is for User Accounts, the # is for rooms, and & is for groups).
Usage Examples:  Here are some examples of how you can use the Group feature.
  • Teachers:  if you have a class of students (1) create a group called MyStudents, (2) enter the student accounts into the group, and (3) then use the group name in commands such as /allow &MyStudents and they will have access to your Streamer™ room or /makenormal &MyStudents and they will be placed in listening mode only without the ability to use the Streamer™ command line. To undo these commands type /unallow &MyStudents and /makenormal &MyStudents, respectively.
  • Workplace Conference Rooms: To give a group of users access to a Streamer™ room during a specific time, such as when your meeting is happening, (1) create a group called MyMeeting, (2) enter the user accounts into that group, and (3) jump into your room and type /allow &MyMeeting expires=60, and they will have access to your room for the next 60 minutes. 
  • Presentations: During a presentation you may want to turn off comments during the presentation and open them up for questions when you are finished. To do this (1) create a group called MyPresentation, (2) Add the user accounts to your group such as shared accounts in different languages that you've created, and (3) jump into your Streamer room and at the beginning of the meeting type /makenormal &MyPresentation and at the end of the meeting type /makesuper &MyPresenation. If when you are finished you want to remove their access to your room type /uanllow &MyPresentation

User Tips:  
  1. Within your Streamer room you can see which accounts are in a group by typing /group @name where name is the name of the group.
  2. Remember that group names cannot contain a space, comma, semi-colon.
  3. Advanced Feature:  You can add a group to a group. So if for example, you have five groups, you can create a super group that contains all five sets of users by just entering those group names in the Add User box. 

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Thanks for partnering with us in our goal of enabling everyone to speak with anyone, anywhere, anytime and in most any language. 

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