Automated Real-Time Captioning and Translation
Linked Directly into Zoom's Closed Captioning Feature
A lot of customers asked us to integrate Streamer™ directly into Zoom meetings and webinars, so, we did that. Thanks for the suggestion. We call this feature Streamer-Zoom™, and it ties directly into Zoom’s closed captioning menu. It’s easy to use, no downloads or installs are required. Now you can have instant private and secure captioning for your Zoom meetings anytime, as often as you want, in whatever language you want, 

How it Works:  Open your Zoom account and in the settings turn on the closed captioning option, you just need to do this once. From then on to caption and/or translate your Zoom meetings and webinars you just:
  1. Start your Zoom meeting or webinar.
  2. Click the Zoom closed captioning icon to copy the API Token.
  3. Open Streamer™, click on the Streamer Settings menu, select the Streamer-Zoom™ option, and paste the Token into the page.
Tutorial Videos:  Sofia Ramirez, a teacher that is using Streamer, made
a short video on using Streamer-Zoom and for more detailed information, here's a video we put together.

Configuration Settings:  When you open the Streamer-Zoom menu, you will see the following options for customizing your captioning. 
  • API URL:  As per the above videos, copy the Token API from Zoom and paste it here. 
  • BUFFER SIZE: A larger buffer adds a slight delay to the captioning, but allows full contextual-based transcription making it more accurate and easier for guests to read. Most people use the long buffer. 
  • DISPLAY:  If you and your guests are only using Windows computers, then select the Windows option. This provides instant captioning - each word is displayed as it is spoken. If computers other than Windows are being used, then select the All Operating Systems option. In this option full sentences are displayed a sentence at a time. 
  • TRANSLATE SUBTITLES: You can select the language in which the subtitles will be displayed. It does not matter which language(s) are being actually spoken, this is the language in which all the subtitles will be displayed. Note that everyone viewing the captioning will do so in this language. To give your guests the ability to choose their own language for the subtitles, create a separate Streamer™ account that they will use. Here's how you do that

User Tips:  
  1. Just before you paste the API Token into Streamer™, remember to clear the existing transcript by entering /clear into the command bar.
  2. Remember to turn on, or off, your Streamer™ microphone.
  3. For better captioning and faster translations, add a short pause at the end of each sentence (take a short breath).

Coming Soon: 
  1. Translation of the subtitles is coming soon, very soon. 
  2. Press to Talk:  Pressing the spacebar on your keyboard temporarily turns on your microphone for both Streamer and Zoom. Release the spacebar and it is turned off again.
View a Video on how Streamer-Zoom Works
Request a Demonstration for Your Staff

Thanks for partnering with us in our goal of enabling everyone to speak with anyone, anywhere, anytime and in most any language. 

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