Captioning and translating our meetings and webinars
We'll be using Streamer™ to caption and translate our meetings. This way we can better support people that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as well as individuals that would like to view or hear the presentation in a language other than English. 

Here’s how it works
I've created a Streamer™ account for you. At the start of our Zoom™ meetings and webinars, open a Chrome browser, go to, and login. Then click on the Streamer room:
  • Your account is __________  
  • The password is _____________.
  • The Streamer Room we will be using is ____________

You’ll use this same account for all our meetings
You do not need to worry about having the correct invite code, or unique URL, or scanning a QR code. You’ll use the exact same account every time. It’s easy to create a desktop shortcut that automates the login, here’s how to do that. Then, at the start of the Zoom meeting, just click on the shortcut.

During the meeting
When you want your speech captioned just click on the microphone in the Streamer window (located in the lower left corner). Here are two more important tips:
  1. Muting your Microphone:  Muting your Zoom microphone does not mute your captioning. To mute the captioning you need to click on the Streamer microphone. When you’re not speaking, it’s best to leave the microphone turned off.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Captioning:  If you leave your Streamer microphone turned on and you’re listening to the Zoom meeting using your computer’s speakers, then your microphone hears what everyone is saying and it will be captioned. This can result in duplicate captioning entries -- everyone’s computer can be simultaneously captioning what everyone is saying. To keep this from happening either (a) turn on your Streamer™ microphone only when you are speaking and turn it off when you’re not speaking or (b) instead of using your computer’s speakers to listen to the meeting, use an earbud.
To learn more about Streamer
There's a lot more you can do with Streamer, like saving the transcript, sharing documents wiht others, sending private messages. If you'd like to dig deeper into all the features, here's how:
  1. Here's an overview video
  2. Here's an article with more information,
  3. Here's a list of all the features
  4. Here is the Streamer Quick Start Guide
  5. And here is their website's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.. 
For tech help on using Streamer™ type @Streamer-Admin into the command bar (at the bottom of the screen) followed by your question, or send an email to, or call them at 507-645-8924,

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