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We’ve put these together to help you learn about the many features you can use with your Streamer™ website. Here’s the complete list of what’s coming. If you'd like to read these emails now, just click on the title: And remember, Streamer™ is designed to be used with the Chrome browser. You can view the captioning using any browser, but for the microphone to work you'll need to be using Chrome.

As always, if you have any questions just let me know and I'll be glad to help. You can do that by simply replying to this email, or when you're in your Streamer™ room type @Streamer-Admin into the text bar at the bottom of your page followed by your question. If you haven't already done so, here are two steps you should take before reading the rest of this email:
Streamer Tips
Here’s a few of the tasks you can do with Streamer™. Don’t worry about understanding everything about all these features right now, we’ll go over them in more detail later:
  • The Streamer Settings Menu:  This is located near the upper right-hand corner of Streamer’s interface (item “G” in the Quick Start Guide). There are lots of nice features in this menu. Try clicking the Show/Hide Side Panel option to see how that works.
  • The Side Panel shows you who is currently in your room and participating in your conversation or meeting. If you want to send a private message to to one or more people, just click on their names and type the message. These private messages are not entered into the transcript, they are only sent to the people you pick. 
  • Sharing Documents:  Streamer™ is more than just a captioning and translation system. You can use it to share documents and photos with everyone joining you in your room. Just drag the item into the transcript window, click attach, and then send. Everyone in your meeting now has the file on their own computer. You can also choose to send a file to just a selected number of people in your meeting. To do that, click their names in the side panel, attach the file by clicking on the upload button (item “N” in the Quick Start Guide), and then click Send.
  • Adding Notes:  You can easily insert private notes directly into the live captioning stream, something like Important - follow up on this item. To create your own categories and notes, go to Streamer's Account Settings (see Item "C" in the Quick Start Guide), click on the Phrases tab, and select a color category. Then, in the right-side panel simply double-click on the note and it's inserted directly into the transcript. When you save the transcript, use the DOCX format.
  • Saving a Transcript: You can do this by selecting the Download Transcript option shown in the Streamer Settings menu.
  • Clearing a Transcript: This is done by entering /clear into the text box. There is no undo command, and we do not keep any records of any of your data, so once you clear a transcript, it’s gone forever.
  • For More Information on Streamer's Many Features: Click on the Help Menu. That's the ? located just above the Streamer Settings menu.
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