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Thanks for taking the time to read these articles and learn more about how Streamer™ is being used to spread the Good News. This is the final article in the series. That doesn’t mean we’ve covered all of the features of Streamer™ though. There are many more, plus new ones are being added all the time. A complete listing is shown in the on-line User Manual, which is accessed by clicking the ? near the upper right corner of the Streamer™ interface. And remember, if there’s a feature that you’d like to see added let us know and we’ll get started on implementing it right away.

Tips for Multi-Facility Churches

If you are a church with a number of locations where your services are streamed from one main location, Streamer has the tools to support your captioning and translation needs. It is common for multi-location services to be broken up into three steps
  1. The service starts with each location having their own worship team greet members and sing songs.
  2. Each location then joins the main church to view a live streaming of the message.
  3. And the local worship team then concludes the service. 
Providing live captioning and translation of this situation is easy. For each location you will want a seperate captioning and translation room. So if your church has the main location plus five remote locations, you will want at least six rooms. At the start of the service (part 1 above), members will view the captioning in the room you designate for their church. During the shared service (part 2 above), all members will view the captioning in the room assigned to the main church. And for the conclusion members will return back to the room for their local campus. 

Some Additional Items to Note
There are no installs. Performing installs and updates can be a huge task for your Media team to undertake. With Streamer™, that’s not needed. Because Streamer™ is a website, there are no installation or version controls to manage. Users simply go to the website; that’s all it takes. You can be assured that everyone is using the same updated version at the same time. This greatly simplifies wide area deployments.
Everyone can access Streamer™ from almost any device. There are no concerns with operating system compatibility, minimum CPU or RAM specifications, or replacing a license that’s tied to a laptop that has gotten broken or lost. Because Streamer™ is a website it can be accessed anywhere on almost any system with the same user interface.
There are no limits to the number of users.  For churches it can be very difficult to purchase the right amount of software licenses to meet the needs of the congregation. And, when you install a purchased license on a computer it can be difficult to move that license to another platform. With Streamer™, you have an unlimited number of User Accounts and those accounts are never tied to any specific device. A person can use the same login on a laptop, tablet and smartphone – no limits. 
Streamer™ easily scales to meet the needs of your church. Each subscription you add to your account gives you another Room that is included in the Lobby of your Streamer™ website. These rooms can be assigned to a specific person or to an area within the church (such as the auditorium, the greeting desk, or conference room), or for a specific purpose (such as a weekday Bible Study). In addition, you can create an unlimited number of user accounts - one for every person in your congregation if you like - as well as shared accounts to support church-wide events such as Sunday services. You can do this anywhere, at any time, using your Admin account.
Privacy and Security are Becoming More Important.  Data privacy requirements are becoming more important and increasingly difficult to manage. If you lock people out of their computers they have to come to you with every request for new installations and updates, and if you give them too much access and control then viruses and corrupt disk images are sure to follow. With Streamer™, it’s not an issue. All data is encrypted in all directions, and your Admin account gives you complete control over all access and usage permissions. You set permissions according to your preference, such as the ability to download transcripts. You specify the settings for each individual room, or use global commands to change the settings for all your rooms. In short, because it is a complete web-based solution, Streamer™ makes it easy to configure security and privacy that is in complete compliance with your church's policy.

Your Admin account gives you complete control over all your rooms. With your Admin account you can monitor how all the rooms are being used, if they’re occupied by someone and, if so, by whom and how often. Here are some commands you can use to manage your rooms:
  • The /broadcast msg command posts a message to all of your rooms and sends that message to everyone with a User Account. It’s an easy way to notify everyone of an upcoming event or program. You can also tailor the command to send a broadcast message to just a specific group of users and rooms, such as all the high school members or just everyone that uses the language translation features.
  • The /allow @user command gives that account access to the room, /unallow @user removes that access, and /allowed lists all of the Users that currently have access to the room.
  • The /addowner @user command gives that account a key to invite others into the room, /removeowner @user takes the key away from them, and  /owners lists all the accounts that currently have ownership.
  • The /kick @user command temporarily kicks a User out of the room. This is just temporary, they can go back into the room later.
  • The /setentry no command lets users set a temporary Do Not Disturb sign on their room. This makes it easy for a single room to be shared by multiple users. People can use this when they’re holding a private meeting where others should not be able to view the transcript, such as when a member is having a private meeting with a pastor. When this is set, no one else can enter the room unless they first knock on the door (by using the /knock #room command) and they are then let in. Note that when the last person leaves the room, the /setentry yes command is automatically run.
  • The /autoclear command is a powerful feature used to control access to transcripts. You can use this command to set a specific time interval in which the transcript will always clear (e.g., every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.), a specific time of day when the transcripts in the rooms will be cleared (e.g., at 2AM each morning), the maximum length of the transcript (e.g., clear each time a new sentence is spoken), and/or to automatically erase all transcripts when the last person leaves a Streamer™ room. The last feature is especially popular as it ensures that someone does not accidentally leave a transcript in a Room when they’re finished holding their meeting. See the Streamer™ online manual for a complete description on how to use the /autoclear function.
Your Admin Lobby shows the activity of all your rooms. You can easily monitor which rooms are being used at any given time and by how many people. This makes it easy to see if some rooms (e.g. shared rooms) are in constant use indicating that a new one should be added, and also to notice if a given room is not being used and that it could potentially be redeployed to another use.

And the included private messaging feature makes tech support easy to track and use. If a user has a question they can send your media team a private message directly within Streamer™. Those messages are saved in your admin account's notification page for processing. The team’s reply then goes straight to the user as a private message that is also stored in their notification page. There’s no need for support emails with multiple threads, nor tracking phone messages. All the messaging and support can be done within Streamer™ itself.

Let Us Know if You Have Any Questions

This is the last article in this Getting Started series. Here are links to all the other ones. We've shown you a few of the many features that are included with Streamer™. We haven’t covered them all, but we’ve gone over a lot of them. As always, if you have any questions just let us know and we’ll be glad to help. And especially if you have any ideas for new features that you’d like added, let us know that as well. We can be reached at, or +1-952-381-1234, or by sending a Streamer message to @Streamer-Admin. Thanks for all you're doing to help spread the Good News to everyone.

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