Personalizing your Rooms and User Accounts

This article shows you how to personalize Streamer™ for each individual. Before we get to that, just a quick reminder that Streamer™ is designed to be used with the Chrome browser. You can view the captioning using any browser, but for the microphone to work you'll need to be using Chrome. And, as always, if you have any questions just let us know and we'll be glad to help. You can do that by simply sending an email to or, when you're in your Streamer™ room, type @Streamer-Admin into the text bar at the bottom of your page followed by your question.
Personalizing your Rooms

You can customize each room and account on your own, or have us do it for you. If you would like us to configure all your rooms and accounts just contact us and we will let you know the information we need to do that. Each room in your Streamer™ account has a name and a title. If you are assigning a Streamer room to a specific room in your school (e.g., Media Center), then use the name of that room as the title. If you’ll be assigning a room to a specific teacher or student, it’s recommended that you change the label on that room to something more personal, such as the person's name. Using your Admin account, jump into the room and type /topic title, where title is the wording you want displayed. Also, the first time someone enters a room in the morning you can use the /welcome command to greet them, perhaps something like /welcome Have a great day today! You can use any message you like. And, if you have multiple rooms in your school’s Streamer™ account, you can send a message to all students using the /broadcast command. Just enter any room and type /broadcast message where message is the information you want to share. That message is immediately displayed in each room and sent to each User Account.
Personalizing Account Settings

The Account Settings page is where you configure each User Account that you create. You access this page by clicking on the Person icon near the upper right corner of Streamer's interface (item “C” in the Quick Start Guide). You will see five tabs on this page: Profile, Username, Password, Phrases and Subscriptions. Here is what each tab does:
  • Profile Tab: Add a photo (or any image) of the person by clicking on the camera icon. That way everyone sees a picture of the person speaking. This is a really nice feature when you are using Streamer's Overlay feature. You can also use this tab to change the language settings
  • Username Tab: Use this to change the name of the User Account to one that the person prefers.
  • Password: Passwords need to have at least eight characters. If a user forgets their password, just click on the Reset Password link that’s shown when you first login to Streamer™ and we’ll send you a reset link.
  • Phrases: Phrases are notes a person can insert into a live transcript, such as This is important, or they can be phrases that are spoken aloud, such as Hi, my name is Chris, or they can be command shortcuts such as /clear. In all cases, phrases are created the same way: enter the label, then the phrase itself, and then select the color category. To use the phrases, return to the main transcript page and you'll see them listed in the right side-panel. Just double-click a phrase to enter it into your transcript. To edit a phrase before it is inserted into the transcript, single-click, make your edits, and click the Send button Here's a video showing you how to create phrase entries, and here's an article that describes how they are used.
  • Subscriptions:  This is where you can view and manage all your Streamer subscriptions.

Let Us Create Your Accounts and Configure Your Rooms

We can configure your entire system for you. We do that for free. We just need to get the information from you (usually a list of email addresses in a spreadsheet) and we will configure everything to your specifications. Contact us for details.
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