Captioning and/or Translating Any Audio
Playing on Your Computer

If you are viewing a video that is not captioned or is in another language, well that can be really frustrating. And if you are using remote streaming such as Zoom or WebEx, you already know how important and difficult it is to caption your conversations and meetings. Typing is too slow to keep up with conversations, hand captioning videos takes too much time, purchasing new tools or services is expensive, and learning how to use them is nearly impossible. Streamer™ gives you an easy-to-use captioning and translation system for all your situations. 

Automated Speaker Identification
If your goal is to caption everyone in your Zoom, WebEx, Google Meets, Schoology, or any meeting, have them join you in your Streamer™ room using their own personal account. This way in addition to captioning their words, Streamer also shows you the name of the person that is speaking. User accounts are free, you can create as many as you want, and they’re very easy to use. Once they’re created, the person just clicks on a desktop icon and they’ll be placed directly in the room. Here are some videos showing you how it’s done:
Caption AllComing Soon
Streamer™ is developing a new feature called Caption All™ that makes it very easy to caption any audio on your computer, including everyone in a Zoom™ meeting, people speaking in a phone conversation, or a video you are watching. With just a click of a button, everything being said will be captioned and translated and done so privately and securely without anyone else having access to your data. Plus, you can do it on your own, without the host of your meeting having to set up something, or other people having to log into an account. Until Caption All™ is ready, here are a few ways you can configure a Caption All™ type capability for your system. They’re certainly not as easy as just clicking a button, but they do give you some options you can do right now.

The easiest way to do this is to simply use a second computer, such as a smartphone. Log into Streamer™ on your both your computer and your smartphone (or another computer) and place it next to your computer’s speaker. Your phone will caption what’s being said, and you can view that captioning in a Streamer™ window on your computer. This approach works great with the Overlay feature. Note that if you are using an iPhone, to ensure privacy and security you will need to download the free Interact-Streamer app, and use that to caption the conversation.

A more elegant solution is to install a virtual audio cable on your computer or to use the Stereo-Mix option. This way you do not need a second device, you’ll do it all on your computer. You can do this on computers running Windows or MacOS, this will not work on Chromebooks or iPads. There are two options:    
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We are working hard to make Caption All™ ready. It is a very difficult item to code as it needs to run on every configuration of every computer. Once it is ready, you’ll be able to do all of this with just a click of a button. It's taken longer than we hoped, but really nice features do take time, especially when you have high standards on how they should perform. Once it is ready we will post a broadcast message to your rooms and send you a Streamer™ message. In the meantime, give one of the above options a try and as always, if you have any questions let us know and we'll be glad to help.
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