July specials from Tekeme Studios / Author Lab!
July Specials
from Tekeme Studios / Author Lab

$400 off

Your next purchase over $1600

Thanks for being a loyal customer. We hope you enjoy this discount on any of our services. Please feel free to combine with one other offer. One $400 per client, per project. Thank you for choosing Tekeme!

Win a Free Basic Blog Design

Post a blog entry on or before July 4th, 2012 about true freedom and peace in Christ and tweet us the link @tekemestudios. We will enter you into a random drawing to win a free blog design for Wordpress, Blogger, or Typepad. The winner will receive a basic custom blog design. If you do not have twitter, please email us the link to your blog. In your blog entry, mention this contest so that others may enter too. We will place your name into the drawing 5 times for one blog entry, and anyone who comments in response to your post we will entire 1 time. So, please be sure to have your readers leave their email address in the comments section. We will announce the winners via email, twitter, and our blogs on both Author Lab and Tekeme Studios.

July Coupon

Anyone who signs up now until August 1st, 2012 can receive 20% off any Tekeme marketing services.
Coupon code: JULY20
limit 3 per client

Update from Our Family

June 6th we celebrate our 2-year-old, Gwendolyn, and her entrance into this world. June 11th is George's 30th birthday. It's all uphill from here! Ashley's 4th pregnancy is going well and God is faithful in all things. We are enjoying the spring weather this June and working on a few of our own books during the next few summer months!

Earn Money with Tekeme!

Last, but not least, don't forget about our great affiliate program opportunity. There are so many opportunities to earn money through Tekeme. We have sent out many checks already (or PayPal when that is preferred). We are offering bonus cash for the summer season. Here is the breakdown:
  • Earn $50 every time you refer someone for a book cover design. Let's say you refer Joe and he purchases a book cover design. You will receive $25. And also, if he purchases another book design a year down the road, you will receive another check in the mail. Refer 4 people and you've earned $200! You will be notified and paid immediately after your friend has paid their deposit. And here's the real kicker, if Joe refers Kate . . . you will receive $25 for Kate's purchase and Joe will receive the $50. So you will still receive a kick-back even when the people you refer end up referring others.
  • Earn $100 every time you refer someone for a website design over $1,500. Also, same applies as above. If someone you refer ends up referring another client for any service, you will receive a certain amount as well. For websites, you will receive $50 if someone you refer tells someone else. For book covers, $25. We have had several people make a significant amount of money through this program already, and now that we have upped the amount for the summer season, you can earn even more!
Many thanks,
George & Ashley Weis
Tekeme Studios / AuthorLab
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