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Fall Newsletter

The Latest News and Information from UNHInnovation

Welcome to our first newsletter of FY16! FY15 was a year of growth for UNHInnovation (UNHI), ranging from intellectual assets to personnel to space.

We continued to see increases in both innovation disclosures and licensing revenues resulting from activities across the entire institution. The office team expanded as we welcomed talented new staff members Ellen Christo, Kevin Lefebvre, and Terri Zobel. The 1st of December is the target date for our move  into our new 32,000 sq. ft. Commercialization Center at Madbury Commons alongside the UNH InterOperability Lab, Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, UNH Connectivity Research Center, and the Alpha Loft.

At our Annual Innovators’ Dinner last October, we announced the formation of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center with a mission to support and encourage entrepreneurial education and activities at UNH and beyond. Just this past summer, the Entrepreneurship Center ran its first student seed funding program, and has committed to direct the effort of the Center towards first-generation college students.

We plan to make FY16 even better with a lot of exciting projects and opportunities planned as we continue the management and promotion of UNH’s innovative research outputs and increasing our collaborations with the business community. 


Marc Sedam
Associate Vice Provost of Innovation and New Ventures
and Managing Director, UNHInnovation
In this Issue:
Costa Rican Exchange
Welcoming Dot Sheehan
Summer SEED Grant
“Put a Face On It” Video Grant
Team Excursion
UNH Trademark
Manufacturing Quaterrylene
Madbury Commons Update
Research Center Going Strong
Catalyst Seminar Series

Comings and Goings

International Relations -
A Costa Rican Exchange

In 2013, UNHInnovation (UNHI) had the good fortune to meet PROINNOVA, its counterpart at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), through the UNH School of Law. Our offices have since started a series of exchanges, starting with Marc Sedam, UNHI managing director, serving as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Second National Congress of Innovation hosted by PROINNOVA in Costa Rica. For the month of April, UNHI welcomed Mauricio Villegas, PROINNOVA Manager of Sciences and Health Agrifood, as he explored the techniques that we use for intellectual asset management, attended events bringing together entrepreneurially-minded individuals from both academic and business sectors, and investigated licensing opportunities for two UCR-developed inventions.

I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in July with PROINNOVA to get to know their office, learn about PROINNOVA’s management of various innovations, and explore the relationship that PROINNOVA supports between UCR research initiatives and the Costa Rican community. Despite my complete lack of Spanish language skills, I was graciously received throughout UCR and many of its research institutes, met various startup companies, and talked with leaders in Costa Rica’s incubator initiatives. I also had the opportunity to present on my employment experiences with a startup company and engage in conversations about the role of risk in such an environment.

Some highlights of the trip:

  1. Touring UCR’s National Center of Food Science and Technologies (CITA) and Agronomical Research Center (CIA) and learning about research initiatives as well as services offered to the public. These services include sensory analysis (related to food quality and appeal), and soil and microbe testing. Of particular interest was the decision of these institutes to gain ISO certification for their testing services to allow for interchange between industry and academia. While this may not be necessary or appropriate for many situations within an academic setting, it highlights the value of a common language between industry and academia as they pursue initiatives of mutual interest.
  2. Social extension is a component of many, if not most, research projects carried out at the University of Costa Rica. Researchers are encouraged to budget for opportunities to present their research findings throughout Costa Rica to make the country aware of their research and interested in utilizing the findings through various models, including licensing and commercialization.
  3. Meeting Dr. Salomon Badilla, a faculty member of the UCR fine arts department who has developed a nontoxic lithography technique that utilizes leather. This work resulted in one of the first patents in the arts field for UCR, and PROINNOVA is exploring various opportunities with Dr. Badilla as he develops education programs around his research.
  4. Traveling through the stunning countryside to the Monteverde cloud forests to meet Don Noe Vargas, founder of the Cosméticos de Monteverde (Monteverde Cosmetics) Company startup and a licensee of a UCR-developed innovation. I toured his organic family farm and learned about coffee plants, the incubator services he utilized, challenges that he faces while expanding product offerings, and watched the production of a coffee-based soap that the company produces.
PROINNOVA and UNHI share many similarities, including office size, variety of innovations, and mission, and I believe we can really benefit from understanding each other’s activities and commercialization successes, and how to apply those lessons to our own efforts. It was a fascinating, informative, and reflective experience, and UNHI is fortunate to be developing this partnership with PROINNOVA.

Maria Emanuel
Associate Director, UNHInnovation

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UNH-IOL: Creating Opportunities for Future Stem Careers

This summer, the UNH InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its flagship STEM program, the UNH-IOL High School Internship. This is a paid internship for high school students to gain hands-on technical experience, meet with industry professionals, and learn about career opportunities. The internship is just one of many valuable programs the UNH-IOL provides to the PreK-12 community.

During the high school program, interns head out on exclusive site visits at top-notch technology corporations to learn about potential careers. On these site visits, former IOLers enlighten and educate the interns about their full-time jobs, their career journeys, and how the knowledge and skills acquired at the UNH-IOL helped them get to where they are today.  It is very common to see UNH-IOL alumni throughout these visits, since nearly 1,000 individuals have moved on from the UNH-IOL into excellent jobs. UNH-IOL graduates have been hired into every facet of the STEM industry, and employers recognize the UNH-IOL for consistently training valuable, passionate workers.

We are always looking for new ways to reach students, and it’s amazing to see how a little outreach can have a big and lasting impact. Recently, one of our previous high school internship participants was so inspired by her  experience and newfound passion for computer science that she decided to organize a STEM club at her high school. She created a “nerd herd” group where students could teach each other and collectively explore topics that weren’t being covered in any of their traditional classes. She sparked so much interest among her peers that the club continues on even after her graduation. This summer, one of our high school interns applied for the program after learning about it through this same club. Groups like this are a great resource for recruiting interested high school students, as well as a good example of how programs we offer to the PreK-12 community help to increase awareness of STEM opportunities and engage the community with STEM activity.

What we have at the UNH-IOL is an incredible resource and it’s a never-ending cycle. We start from the ground up with outreach to young students to foster awareness and interest in STEM, we run programs for ambitious, motivated youth, we lead them into internships, and then hopefully guide them into successful STEM careers where they give back by mentoring and teaching the next generation.
The upcoming move to the new space at Madbury Commons will make these kinds of programs even better and will make it even easier to showcase all that we do: testing services for vendors, real-world engineering experience for students, and excellent STEM career promotion and outreach for the next generation.

Cameron Schilling, ’15
UNH-IOL Foundation Communications

Welcoming Dot Sheehan to the Team

UNHInnovation (UNHI) is excited to welcome Dot Sheehan, director of athletics licensing, to the team. Dot will be working with Tim Benoit-Ledoux, licensing manager, over the next year in preparation for Tim’s oversight of the management and licensing activities for the UNH Athletics trademarks in addition to UNH’s institutional trademarks. Prior to joining UNHI, Dot was the Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations for 19 years at the University of New Hampshire where she oversaw ticket sales, marketing and promotions, licensing, television and radio contracts, and athletic media relations. Dot graduated from UNH with a degree in English and a minor in French in 1971. She also earned her Master’s degree in linguistics from Keene State College in 1975.

Prior to joining UNH, Dot owned Sheehan Sports Marketing for 18 years, a consulting business that represented professional athletes for marketing opportunities. Dot was one of the first women to negotiate marketing contracts for players, and she also holds the distinction of being the first woman to set foot in the New York Yankees dugout!

In addition to Dot’s role with UNHI, she is founder and president of Operation Hat Trickâ„¢ (OHT), UNH’s first and only nonprofit startup company. In 2007, Dot was listening to a Boston radio station while  a trivia contest was underway. The question was: “What’s the one thing most wanted by head-wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan?” The answer? Baseball caps to cover wounds, burns, swelling, and bandages. From this simple question Operation Hat Trick, an organization dedicated to helping veterans suffering from the visible and invisible wounds of war, was born.

Since its creation:
  • OHT has donated more than $250,000 to organizations that support its mission in the last 30 months.
  • Organizations like Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Easter Seals/Veterans Count, the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Travis Mills Foundation, Project Sanctuary, Semper Fi Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund have all benefited from OHT donations.
  • OHT has supported everything from buying custom prosthetics, to providing shoes for prosthetic legs, to building a cabin at a camp for recovering veterans.
  • OHT has grown its programs by an average of 50 percent a year, vastly increasing the impact support has on the lives of men and women who answered the call of military duty.
Over the next year, Dot will share her extensive athletics licensing expertise with Tim, after which time Dot will pursue her passion as the President of OHT full time in FY17.

Tim Benoit-Ledoux
Licensing Manager, UNHInnovation

Annie Schofield
Program Support Assistant, UNHInnovation

Summer Seed Grant Wraps Up

In May of this year, the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center invited students to submit proposals for its first ever Summer Seed Grant funding program. Four teams were awarded and the grant program provided funds to take their entrepreneurial ideas to the next level through the development of prototypes, business models, and/or companies during the summer months.

The teams spent the summer hard at work, meeting with UNH faculty and staff advisors, and engaging with prospective customers to get feedback on the commercial viability of their products. On August 28, the student teams wrapped up the program and presented their entrepreneurial projects and companies to an audience at the Alpha Loft in Portsmouth, NH. Presentations focused on showing the progress they made during the grant period through the application of lean startup principles and utilization of the business model canvas. We are so pleased with the outcome of this inaugural seed program and excited to share that several of the teams are planning to move forward with their startups. A few teams are considering applying to be a VentureWell E-team, a program that cultivates opportunities for collegiate technology entrepreneurs by providing early-stage support and funding of up to $75,000.

Terri Zobel
Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center

UNHInnovation Awarded AUTM’s
“Put a Face On It” Video Grant

At the beginning of 2015, our office applied for and received a small grant called the Put a Face on It Video Program offered by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM). The funds from the award could be used to create a short video that would help enhance awareness of the value of university-based innovations by showcasing the people who have directly benefited from them. We knew right away that we wanted to dedicate our video to UNH’s first nonprofit startup organization, Operation Hat Trick™ (OHT).

OHT was conceived and established by Dot Sheehan when she was the senior associate athletics director for external relations at UNH. Dot created OHT (named with regards to UNH’s rich hockey tradition) with the goal of providing caps to wounded service members through proceeds of sales on apparel branded with the OHT trademark. In 2012, OHT was launched as a spinout nonprofit company with the new goal of using the revenue from the sale of OHT branded caps and apparel to help fund organizations that support the recovery of wounded service members and veterans.  Since its inception, OHT has sold over 150,000 caps, proceeds of which are donated to organizations that fulfill OHT’s mission. In FY15, OHT donated over $116,000 to such organizations.

Though OHT’s story is impressive and inspiring on its own, the grant required that the main focus of the video be on the individuals who directly benefit from university innovations. For OHT, that includes veterans and service members and the OHT-funded programs that help support them. Dot suggested that we profile Ironstone Farm, located in Andover, Massachusetts. Ironstone Farm is a working farm environment that employs horses to provide beneficial therapy for people with a wide range of physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. One of Ironstone Farm’s newest therapy programs is the Equine Retreat for Veterans, which receives funding from OHT. The Equine Retreat is a two-day program developed to help veterans reintegrate and better adjust to their non-combat lives using an experimental therapy called Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH).

Filming for the video took place at Ironstone Farm on a beautiful spring day in May. We interviewed the program administrators about the success of the retreat and how the funds from OHT have helped to keep the program running strong. We were also incredibly fortunate to be able to interview one of the veterans who had recently benefited from the retreat. He described his experience working with and riding the horses, and opened up about how the program has helped him to better relate to the people around him.

The video is now complete and we are excited to share OHT’s and Ironstone Farm’s story. We are thankful to AUTM for the opportunity to raise awareness of a fantastic organization that was developed here at UNH, and the life-changing benefits that can come out of university-born innovations.

The video can be viewed on AUTM’s YouTube page along with all the other videos created by universities through the Put a Face on It Video Program.

Chelsey DiGiuseppe
Marketing Manager, UNHInnovation

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A Team Excursion to Appledore Island

UNHInnovation embarked on an office team-building trip to Appledore Island, the largest island of the Isles of Shoals, on July 10th. Appledore Island (formerly named Hog Island) is located about seven miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine, and it is home to the Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) – a program of the University of New Hampshire and Cornell University. SML is a seasonal, residential marine field station which has offered classes since 1966.  Appledore Island was once home to a thriving artists’ colony presided over by Celia Thaxter, a 19th century poet and short story author from Portsmouth, NH.

Prior to the excursion, we were informed that it was seagull nesting season and warned to beware of swooping, sharp-beaked attacks. As we explored the island, we came to realize that the seagulls and their babies didn’t just limit their nests to the relative safety of Appledore’s rocky outskirts – they were everywhere – walking paths, buildings, the woods, and sandy shoreline. The UNH Marine Docents who led our tour apprised us of how to ward off potential attacks from gull parents whose feathers got ruffled – to hold up your arm or walking stick and wave it around.  Marine Docents are volunteers from the UNH Cooperative Extension/NH Sea Grant Program, knowledgeable guides who provide a bridge from the general public to the university’s marine science research efforts. 

The Docents led us to Celia Thaxter’s garden, a raised bed of beautiful, vibrant plants. Some of the original plants planted by Celia are still in the garden, such as hops vine, snowdrops, and day lilies.  All other plants are raised in the Thompson School of Applied Science’s greenhouses at UNH. In Celia Thaxter’s book An Island Garden, she wrote “Ever since I could remember anything, flowers have been like dear friends to me, comforters, inspirers, powers to uplift and cheer. A lonely child, living on the lighthouse island ten miles away from the mainland, every blade of grass that sprang out of the ground, every humblest weed, was precious in my sight, and I began a little garden when not more than five years old. From this, year after year, the larger one, which has given so much pleasure to many people, has grown.” Guided tours of this special garden are available during the summer.

For more information on the activities offered on Appledore Island, visit or email

Annie Schofield
Program Support Assistant, UNHInnnovation

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The UNH Trademark Licensing Program 

UNHInnovation (UNHI) is excited to announce the transition of the entire UNH trademark licensing program to our office. At the beginning of this FY16, with the support of President Huddleston, SVPR Jan Nisbet, and UNH Athletics, management of the trademark licensing program (all university trademarks and athletics trademarks) moved under UNHI.  Previously, UNHI had been managing the university institutional trademarks in collaboration with Dot Sheehan as she managed the Athletics trademarks. Sheehan has announced her retirement from UNH at the end of FY16 and is working on a transition plan with UNHI. UNH will be one of the first universities to house management of its trademark licensing program with its technology transfer office, and we feel this is the perfect fit. Tim Benoit-Ledoux, licensing manager of creative works, will use his experiences in trademark protection to strategically protect, manage, and grow UNH’s marks and licensing opportunities. 

UNH has achieved an outstanding reputation as a student-centered, research intensive, highly engaged, public university, embodied in its new logo, trademarks, athletic logos, seal, and service marks. Most of these trademarks are registered with the U.S. Office of Patent and Trademarks, the state of New Hampshire, and internationally. As part of its trademark licensing program, UNHI launched a licensing sub-site on July 1, 2015, where both the UNH community and external community can gain all the necessary information on the what, how, and why for using UNH trademarks. Additionally, Tim will be presenting across campus on the UNH trademark licensing program to assist the UNH community in obtaining branded apparel from licensed vendors. Working closely with University Communications and Public Affairs and UNH Athletics, UNHI will work to promote and protect the use of UNH’s name and logos in this endeavor.

Tim Benoit-Ledoux
Licensing Manager, UNHInnovation

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An Innovation in Manufacturing Quaterrylene

UNH and Sigma-Aldrich Chemical Co. (Sigma) have recently formed a partnership to develop and market quarterrylene. A material transfer agreement forms the basis of the agreement, and UNH supplies quarterrylene to Sigma for distribution to their customers.

Quaterrylene has many potential applications in organic photovoltaics, organic thin-film transistors, and organic light emitting diodes due to its photophysical and semiconducting properties. Existing production methods for this type of material are expensive, time consuming, and result in low yields.  However, Richard Johnson, professor of organic chemistry and a member of UNH Material Science Program, and Rajesh Thamatam, a former UNH Ph.D. student, developed a patent-pending, single step process to manufacture quaterrylene more economically and on a larger scale, allowing for quarterrylene to be used in the mass market.

Through this agreement, Professor Johnson and his team will be able to test the market demand, and Sigma will be able to offer its customers access to the material at a higher yield and lower cost than have been available in the past, which could allow for significant advancements in the production of organic electronics, photovoltaic components, and more.

The licensing transaction was completed by UNHInnovation.

Kevin Lefebvre, Ph.D.
Licensing Manager, UNHInnovation

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Madbury Commons Update

UNHInnovation (UNHI) and the UNH InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) will begin 2016 in the recently constructed Madbury Commons, a mixed-use development of student apartments and commercial space, located at 21 Madbury Road in the heart of downtown Durham and UNH. Student apartments, which comprise the upper floors of the building, were finished in time for the start of the fall semester. With that portion of the project complete, work has been accelerated in the commercial spaces; furniture delivery and installation is projected to commence the first week of December.

A project team of Paige Smith and Tim Benoit-Ledoux from UNHI, and Erica Johnson, Lincoln Lavoie, Jeff Lapak, and Kari Younsi from the UNH-IOL are managing the move and communications with the property developers and contractors. Efforts have been coordinated with Dover design firm Manypenny Murphy and Manchester-based furniture consultants at Creative Office Pavilion to help plan the layout, functionality, and aesthetics of the shared workspace.

UNHI and the UNH-IOL will occupy the ground floor of the development, which will incorporate an open floor plan with collaborative-style workspaces throughout the area and a shared, interactive training room for education and events. The new building will also be the home for the newly-formed UNH Connectivity Research Center, a complimentary organization to the UNH-IOL, with a focus on network engineering and cyber security innovations as well as research for both government and commercial sponsors.

Alpha Loft, a nonprofit dedicated to developing early-stage, scalable businesses and commercializing the intellectual capital developed at UNH, will also relocate to our facility from their current location at 9 Madbury Road in Durham. Alpha Loft has hosted the UNHI Catalyst Seminar Series for the past two years and will continue to welcome our networking events in their co-working space, supporting their mission of building a strong entrepreneurial culture in NH.

The Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, a co-curricular home for entrepreneurship on campus, will also be located on the ground floor. The primary focus of the Center is to cultivate entrepreneurial ventures through interdisciplinary programming and foster connections between academia and industry via the Wildcatalysts Network.

We are excited about the wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively, strengthen partnerships, and share resources with the campus community and the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem, enabling our organizations to promote on-campus research and innovations both domestically and internationally. A grand opening is being planned for Spring 2016. We hope you will join us then to celebrate our joint venture and the possibilities which will evolve from this new hub of ideas and resources.

Paige Smith
Business Manager, UNHInnovation

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Prevention Innovation Research Center Going Strong

UNHInnovation (UNHI) has had the pleasure of working with Jane Stapleton and Sharyn Potter, co-directors of Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC), since 2012. PIRC is made up of researchers and practitioners who develop and evaluate sexual and relationship violence and stalking prevention strategies, including the Bringing in the Bystander® in Person Prevention Program (BITB). 

BITB is a highly interactive, researched, and evaluated sexual assault prevention curriculum and is what UNHI classifies as a creative work. A creative work is a bundle of intellectual property rights that UNHI licenses as a whole. For instance, the BITB trademark has gained a federal registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, while the curriculum copyrights are protected by U.S. Copyright law. When an organization purchases the curriculum and/or participates in training from PIRC, UNHI licenses the use of the trademark and the copyrights in the program to the customer.

In July 2014, PIRC held its first BITB regional training event at UNH, and five institutions sent representatives to get trained in the BITB curriculum so they could return to their campuses and teach others how to implement the program. Each participating school received a license to use the BITB curriculum, and UNHI worked closely with PIRC to market the event and ensure its intellectual property was properly protected. Since that event, PIRC has held over a dozen regional training events all across the country and in Canada. PIRC has several more regional trainings planned throughout the coming year.

PIRC has achieved so much in the past couple of years, including being named to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and asked to design a training program for incoming students on sexual assault policies and expectations of students. UNHI is proud to help this organization achieve its mission and will continue to work with the PIRC team to strengthen the marketing, licensing, and growth of their programs.

Chelsey DiGiuseppe
Marketing Manager, UNHInnovation

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Announcing the 2015-2016
Catalyst Seminar Series:
A Conversation About...

The Catalyst Seminar Series, hosted monthly during the academic year, is open to all and designed to be a meeting place for innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers, and anyone else interested in how innovations of today represent the information and opportunities of tomorrow.  This year’s theme is “A Conversation About...”

Each month, we are inviting NH businesses to come and share the innovations, challenges, and pressing issues from within their industry in a conversation with UNH faculty researching in that field. We hope to foster a discussion that highlights the technical challenges and innovations in both industry and academia.

Seminars during the fall semester are held at the Alpha Loft located at 9 Madbury Road in Durham, and we look forward to hosting the spring semester seminars in our new space at Madbury Commons.

The seminars begin at 4:30 PM and attendees are encouraged to come early and grab a beer (for 21+ attendees). The seminars are followed by beer, refreshments, and networking from 5:30-6:30 PM. As always, these events are FREE and open to the public.

For additional information, visit

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Comings and Goings

UNHI/NHIRC Presentations

AUTM Nashville
July 21, 2015
Presenter: Marc Sedam

Conference sponsored by the University of Costa Rica
July 21, 2015
Presenter: Maria Emanuel
Presentation Title: 
Experiences and Observations of Working for a Start-Up Company

AUGE (University Agency for the Management of Entrepreneurship), University of Costa Rica
July 21, 2015
Presenter: Maria Emanuel
Presentation Title: Experiences and Observations of Working for a Start-Up Company

SBIR/STTR workshop
July 21, 2015
Presenter: NHIRC
Presentation Title:
 SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - Focus on NSF

SBIR/STTR workshop
July 22, 2015
Presenter: NHIRC
Presentation Title:
 SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - Focus on DOD/DOE

SBIR/STTR workshop
July 23, 2015
Presenter: NHIRC
Presentation Title:
 SBIR/STTR 101: Introduction and Overview / Commercialization Planning for SBIR-Stage Companies

AUTM Regional
August 31, 2015
Presenter: Tim Benoit-Ledoux
Presentation Title: Social Innovation and Enterprise

Tech Transfer Tactics
September 24, 2015
Presenter: Tim Benoit-Ledoux
Presentation Title: Establish a Creative Works Licensing Program to Enhance Your TTO's Revenue and Faculty Service

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UNHI/NHIRC Committee Participation

Live Free and Start Advisory Council
Marc Sedam

Live Free and Start Capital Access Subcommittee
Marc Sedam

AUTM Online Professional Development
Marc Sedam

Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) Advisory Board
Marc Sedam

Customer Journey Process Mapping Working Group
Maria Emanuel

Seacoast School of Technology Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Maria Emanuel

Alpha Loft Board
Marc Sedam

CEMS Working Group

Maria Emanuel

Policy Working Group
Maria Emanuel

Madbury Commons Site Planning Committee
Paige Smith, Tim Benoit-Ledoux

CRM Guiding Principals Committee
Ellen Christo

UNH Corporate Advisory Board
Ellen Christo

UNHI Attended Conferences and Events

Appledore Island Tour
Staff Retreat
July 10, 2015
Attendee: Entire UNHI Office & Erica Johnson and Michayla Newcombe

Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers Annual Conference
July 14-16, 2015
Attendee: Ellen Christo

July 30, 2015
Attendee: Marc Sedam

CEMS User Forum
CEMS User Group Meeting
August 21, 2015
Attendees: Kevin Lefebvre
Using Customer Discover Techniques to Validate Your University Intellectual Property's Commercial Viability
Tech Transfer Central

August 25, 2015
Attendees: Tim Benoit-Ledoux and Kevin Lefebvre

AUTM Eastern Region Meeting
August 31 - September 1, 2015
Attendee: Marc Sedam and Tim Benoit-Ledoux

NH Workforce Development
US Senate Field Hearing

August 31, 2015
Attendee: Ellen Christo

AUTM Board Meeting
September 8-10, 2015
Attendee: Marc Sedam 

UNH Foundation Board Meeting - Research and Innovation Committee Meeting
September 24, 2015
Attendee: Marc Sedam

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UNHI Sponsored Seminars and Events

Event: SBIR/STTB Training
July 21-23, 2015

Event: Summer Seed Teams Competition
August 28, 2015

Event: University Day
September 16, 2015

Event: Catalyst Seminar: USPTO Presentation
September 23, 2015


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