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Innovations in... Materials Science

Thursday, October 25

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Continuing our theme, "Innovations in...", will be Bryan Coffenberry of Albany International to speak on Innovations in Materials Science.  

What will you learn?
  • How Albany International brings their products to market
  • They challenges and successes Albany International has faced as they've grown.
  • The current focus of Albany International as they look to the future of materials science. 
  • The most pressing market needs for innovative solutions in materials science.
The seminar will be followed by complimentary cocktails and networking for registered attendees from 5:00-7:00pm.



ORPC Inventor's Dinner

Our 2nd Annual Inventor's Dinner was a wild success, with nearly 100 attendees coming together to celebrate one another's accomplishments and recognize first-time disclosers and licensees. I'm also proud to share with you ORPC's successes over the past fiscal year, including a 110% increase in disclosures, a 40% increase in patent apps, and an 18% increase in licenses. We also announced Dr. Kevin Short of Setem Technologies as this year's recipient of our Innovator of the Year Award. Continue reading for more...

Innovator of the Year: Dr. Kevin Short

We're proud to present Dr. Kevin Short, a professor of mathematics at UNH and co-founder of Setem Technologies, with this year's Brent Loy Innovator of the Year award. His work leverages his discovery of cupolets - a class of nonlinear waveforms in chaotic systems - to encrypt, compress, and parse complex data streams. For example, Dr. Short was able to extract a single speaker from loud ambient noises in both restaurants and on street environments. The ability to substantially increase intelligibility while demonstrating improvements in speech recognition no doubt indicate a bright future for advanced signal processing. 

Upcoming: LES Meeting

Tim Willis will be attending the Annual Licensing Executives Society meeting in Toronto next week. He’ll be partaking in a survey course on intellectual property and licensing that focuses on both the business and legal perspectives involved in licensing. The hopeful takeaway of this course is to provide him with additional skills to determine reasonable license fees and royalty, managing risks, and to reinforce basic intellectual property commercialization and licensing concepts. Marc Sedam will also be speaking on the effects of the America Invents Act/patent reform on universities and small business. Be on the lookout for a blog post on the ORPC blog outlining Tim's experience in the coming weeks.

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