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The Latest News and Information from UNHInnovation

Another fiscal year has come to a close. FY 15 brought some exciting changes and a lot of new growth in licensing and commercialization activity. Our licensing revenue for the year came in at over $732,000, which significantly exceeded our stretch goal of $530,000, and our licensing agreements have increased by 146% since FY 14.

Over the past year, our office has expanded as we welcomed some talented new staff members to our team, including a new manager of strategic partnerships who will be like a business concierge, guiding businesses to university resources and helping UNH to better interact and partner with the corporate world. We also announced the formation of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center last fall with a mission to support and encourage entrepreneurial education and activities, and provide real-world experiences for the UNH community that lead to new products, services, and firm creation.

We are excited to head into this new fiscal year, and will continue to grow in commercialization activity, connect the business community with university resources, and support entrepreneurial activity at UNH and beyond.   

Marc Sedam
Associate Vice Provost of Innovation and New Ventures
and Managing Director, UNHInnovation
In this Issue:
Summer Seed Grant
Costa Rican Exchange
UNH-IOL - Broadband Forum
Big Ideas Month
Creative Works Symposium
Welcoming Kevin Lefebvre
Welcoming Terri Zobel
Recent Blog Posts
Comings and Goings
In the News

Entreprenuership Center's Summer
Seed Grant

The Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center has kicked off its first ever Summer Seed Grant funding program, inviting students to submit their proposals in May of this year.

The grant program provides students with funds to take their entrepreneurial ideas to the next level through the development of prototypes, business models and/or companies during the summer months. All UNH students were eligible for the grant, but the request for proposals was targeted towards students already involved in entrepreneurial courses, clubs, or other related activities. Applicants were asked to submit an executive summary of their ideas, a three-month project plan, and a proposal outlining their needs and allocation of the funds. Students were encouraged to build teams with diverse skills by selecting partners from across multiple disciplines. The only team requirement was that one individual had to be a current member of the UNH student body.

The response was better than anticipated considering the short application time frame: the Center received 15 applications in just ten days. The original intent was to fund just one project, but the quality of the proposals was so high that the grant committee made the decision to fund four of the proposed projects instead. The winning teams were announced on June 5th and they have already begun developing their entrepreneurial ventures. Throughout the summer, they will have opportunities to meet and develop relationships with mentors in the UNH Wildcatalysts Network who can provide or introduce teams to subject matter experts and investors.

UNH faculty and staff advisers will also provide support and advice to the teams, offering guidance through the use of lean startup principles, communication of their messages, development of prototypes, customer identification, and more. The teams are required to give regular plan updates to their advisors, and to present their progress to the other teams so they can benefit from each other’s knowledge, experience, and feedback. The grant period runs until August 28th at which point each team will be required to give a final presentation of the progress they have made. One of the main goals of the Summer Seed Grant is to help the teams reach a point in their projects where they are ready to take the next step and apply to be a VentureWell E-team. The E-Team Program cultivates opportunities for collegiate technology entrepreneurs by providing early-stage support and funding of up to $75,000.

The winning teams include:
DropBio - Investigating the advancement of bio-ink technology
iRC - Combining competitive game play and remote control cars
NeighborFund - Delivering financial and social returns through real estate investment crowdfunding
UNH ROV - Creating a more advanced and maneuverable underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)

The Entrepreneurship Center was established to help facilitate the development of UNH creativity from concept to marketplace and the Summer Seed Grant was created in that spirit. We are excited about the positive response to this inaugural seed funding program and look forward to introducing more entrepreneurial activities and opportunities for the UNH community in the near future.

For more information about the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, please visit our website at

Terri Zobel
Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center
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Costa Rican Exchange

Hello! My name is Mauricio and during the month of April, I was a visiting scholar at UNHInnovation.

I work as a licensing manager for the University of Costa Rica (UCR)’s Office for the Management and Transfer of Knowledge for Innovation (PROINNOVA), which serves as its intellectual property licensing office, akin to UNHInnovation’s role in the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

This visit is part of a relationship between the UNH and the UCR that started in 2013 when we invited UNH School of Law professors William Murphy and John Orcutt to visit the UCR and impart a seminar on intellectual property valuation. Since then, we have remained in touch online, and we also invited UNHInnovation’s Marc Sedam last year as a guest speaker in the Costa Rican Second National Innovation Congress, and to visit the UCR.

For this trip, I brought with me two of our licensing opportunities that have market applications in the US, in order to apply UNHInnovation’s technology transfer process to pursue licensing opportunities with companies we might not be able to reach from Costa Rica:

Alignment Mechanism for Leg Prosthesis

Traditionally, knee-alignment mechanisms for prosthetics need to undergo two or more adjustments to determine the final position needed for the prosthesis.  The UCR’s invention requires just one single adjustment, which allows a prosthetist to simultaneously align the prosthesis in several directions (anterior-posterior, medial-lateral, internal-external rotation), thus avoiding the need to make multiple, serial adjustments. For more information on this invention, please refer to our PCT patent application.

Method for Producing Injectable Formulations of Blood-Derived Protein Materials

There is an increasing demand for blood-derived medical products, particularly intravenous immunoglobulin. The UCR’s method can be performed at room temperatures, has up to a 70% recovery yield, doesn’t use ethanol, and uses a reduced amount of caprylic acid. All of these characteristics make it a more efficient method than the currently used Cohn method.  For more information on this method, please refer to our USPTO patent application.

In the future, we hope to keep strengthening the relationship between the UNH and the UCR, to learn from each other, develop joint-academic projects, and advance our scholarly visits.

I wish to thank UNH and UNHInnovation for receiving me for this visit; the UCR’s Research Vicepresidency and PROINNOVA for granting me their support; and the UCR’s International Affairs and External Cooperation Office and the University of Costa Rica’s Research Foundation for their financial support.

Please contact me to further discuss the technologies, PROINNOVA, the UCR, or Costa Rica. I can be reached at

Mauricio Villegas,
Licensing Manager, PROINNOVA
University of Costa Rica

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Broadband Forum's Exclusive Look into the UNH-IOL

The summer season is on full blast here at the UNH-IOL. In the beginning of June, we welcomed over 150 attendees of the Broadband Forum (BBF) Q2 Meeting (being held in nearby Portsmouth, NH) as special guests to our facility and gave them an exclusive tour into the heart of the lab. The BBF is a nonprofit industry organization focused on engineering smarter and faster broadband networks. The UNH-IOL is the industry's leader in testing broadband systems and equipment and has over 30 testers working side-by-side with service providers, equipment vendors, and chipset vendors. This visit made it possible for us to showcase our expertise and give BBF members a better understanding of where and how all the “magic happens.”

The tour began at our Group Test Period (GTP) space where our student employees led attendees through our array of test beds and special exhibits, including a testing demonstration, a state-of-the-art variable length cable farm featuring a Telebyte switch with the ability to change loop length. Among other demonstrations, an automated Broadband Forum TR Testing was showcased in our DSL area. Delegating the demonstrations and tour guiding to our student technicians gave them the unique opportunity to articulate the work they've been doing at the lab and to network with real-world industry experts.

We would like to thank all of the participants for giving us their time. The UNH-IOL has over 15 years of expertise in advancing broadband technologies and we hope that the tour provided an in-depth look at our resources, testing services, and offerings and generated some new interest in our world-class plugfests and testing events.

The UNH-IOL would like to acknowledge and thank the QA Cafe for their role in helping host Broadband guests during this event. Participants were invited to enjoy a night of fine dining among their colleagues in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Suzanne Snow
Marketing and Communications Manager, UNH InterOperability Lab

Some of the Broadband Forum Q2 Meeting Attendee Companies

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This April Was Big Ideas Month

April was a busy month for UNH’s innovation and entrepreneurship community.  During most months of the year, there are at least one or two events hosted by UNH that provide educational content and targeted networking opportunities aimed at NH innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers, and the general business community. However, during the month of April there were more than ten of these events being offered throughout the area.  To celebrate the community’s hard work and to promote the events as a cohesive effort, we designated April as “Big Ideas Month.”

Big Ideas Month kicked off on April 11th with the start of the two-day International Space Apps challenge, a NASA coordinated hackathon with concurrent satellite events hosted by different organizations across the globe. The UNH InterOperability Lab held one of these satellite events at their facility in Durham, NH. The International Space Apps Challenge engages thousands of citizens across the world in working with NASA to design innovative solutions to global challenges.  The event was open to all and hosting an event in Durham gave UNH students and local business professionals the unique opportunity to develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges on earth and in space using publicly available NASA data. 

The second highlight of the month’s events was a breakfast roundtable discussion hosted in the new Pandora Building at the UNH Manchester campus.  UNH and Alpha Loft co-hosted this event titled “Universities as Economic Change Agents.” At the event, leading experts in university-based innovation led a comprehensive discussion on the best practices, roles, and potential opportunities for faculty, staff, students, communities, and government to support and benefit economically from the ideas being developed at NH research universities.  Panelists included Dr. David Winwood, chief business officer of Pennington Biomedical Research Laboratory and president-elect of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), Phil Weilerstein, CEO of VentureWell, and Marc Sedam, UNHI’s managing director and associate vice provost of innovation and new ventures at UNH.

Big Ideas Month continued on with other exciting events including UNHI’s monthly Catalyst Seminar, UNH’s Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market Competition, the Furnace Accelerator Competition (hosted by the Alpha Loft), and more! UNHI closed out the month on April 29th with a Creative Works Symposium led by a panel of experts in intellectual property management and protection.  This daylong symposium consisted of a series of sessions that explored topics ranging from ownership of creative works and when to protect intellectual property, to overviews of copyrights and trademarks, and understanding a publishing copyright license.  UNHI’s goal was to give attendees a better understanding of the role of intellectual property, both within the university setting and out in the business world, and there was a great turnout of both NH business community members and UNH faculty and staff.

Big Ideas Month was a huge success and offered an excellent opportunity to increase the awareness of the innovative and entrepreneurial activities that are happening at UNH. We look forward to repeating the success next April and will continue to provide educational events and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Chelsey DiGiuseppe
Marketing Manager, UNHInnovation

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Creative Works Symposium

As the capstone to this April’s Big Ideas Month, UNHI hosted a Creative Works Symposium to educate UNH faculty, staff, and students, as well as interested members of the local community on the topic of creative works. Creative works are typically works that include copyrights, trademarks, or both. The symposium explored the definition of creative works as well as some mechanisms for creative works protection and commercialization.

This daylong symposium consisted of interactive panels and discussion sessions that addressed many common questions regarding intellectual property law such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks. The panels were led by several guest speakers with expertise in intellectual property and protection, including several attorneys and associate attorneys from local law firms. Some of the session topics included copyright 101, fair use and copyright law, open source issues and opportunities, and commercializing creative works. UNHI creative works licensing manager, Tim Benoit-Ledoux, co-led an insightful session about understanding the ins-and-outs of a copyright license, and UNHI associate director, Maria Emanuel, led a session aimed at demystifying UNH’s intellectual property policy.

UNHI’s goal for the symposium was to provide thoughtful and engaging information and discussion that could lead to a better understanding of the role of intellectual property both within the university setting and out in the business community. The symposium had an excellent turnout with attendees ranging from UNH faculty to local creative business professionals. We received some great feedback from the attendees and the guest panelists, and we look forward to offering more educational events in the near future.

To view video of each of the Creative Works Symposium sessions and for detailed bios of our expert panelists, visit

Chelsey DiGiuseppe
Marketing Manager, UNHInnovation

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Welcoming Kevin Lefebvre

UNHInnovation is excited to welcome the new licensing manager for physical sciences, Kevin Lefebvre. Kevin has a background in business development, management, electrical engineering, and many other trades. His education spans from both a bachelor and masters of science in electrical engineering; a doctorate of philosophy in electrical engineering; and a masters of business administration (currently enrolled).  Prior to accepting the position of licensing manager, Kevin held diverse titles at several different tech companies such as CEO, consultant/president; director of business development; manager of the advanced sensor and communications group; director of engineering research; product manager; and vice president of manufacturing and technology. Kevin will apply his technology background to his new position, along with his experience in Intellectual Property (IP) and patents, business development, management, and strategy development.

Before coming to UNH, Kevin was CEO for Nano-Meta Technologies. In this capacity, he defined the company’s strategy for transitioning technology out of a Purdue research lab for developing products and licensing opportunities. This fits perfectly with one of the goals of UNHInnovation, which is to commercialize the intellectual assets of the university – bringing revenue to the school and innovator in order to continue and expand their research, and helping to disperse the cutting-edge technology and information to the general public.

In an earlier position as manager for the advanced sensor and communications group for Saab Sensis, Kevin oversaw a team of research and development engineers. He was the patent administrator: being the point of contact for inventors, helping them to ready their inventions, and working with patent attorneys on office actions, etc. This experience of interfacing with inventors will prove invaluable in Kevin’s new duties of meeting with faculty to understand their research programs; forming interdisciplinary teams to pursue research opportunities; and encouraging UNH’s innovators to pursue patenting. Kevin’s strong physics and electrical engineering background gives him the ability to understand the technologies that he manages, while his extensive experience in business and IP will facilitate the licensing, patenting, commercialization, and protection components.

Kevin will cover innovations coming out of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (including the Marine School); and the InterOperability Laboratory. For more information, please contact Kevin at or 603-862-5462.

Annie Schofield,
Program Support Assistant, UNHInnovation

Welcoming Terri Zobel

UNHInnovation is happy to welcome the new director of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, Terri Zobel. Terri has agreed to sign on, at first on an interim basis, to kick start activities for the Entrepreneurship Center. She brings with her a great deal of experience with program development and management, strategic planning, relationship cultivation, marketing and communications, and much more. Terri has a background in higher educational program creation and implementation – prior to coming to UNH, she was director of programs & services for the Laurence A. Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship at Drexel University.
“My goals are to empower students to create new businesses and succeed; take results of research and find commercial opportunities; and to positively impact the world,” says Terri. Using the lean startup principles, Zobel plans to apply resources to prototypes to see if the ideas can be fleshed out into real products and services. She evidenced her entrepreneurial spirit early on in her career: she had been working at a law firm for three months when her father told her about a storefront location opportunity in their Philadelphia neighborhood. Terri got her mercantile license on her lunch break, and quit her job at the law firm to start her own business – McIlhenney Variety, a convenience store.

“It gets in your blood,” says Terri, “once you start a small business.” Indeed, she expanded McIlhenney Variety to a second location, and eventually sold both in order to buy a nicer home for her family. Terri has two daughters and a son, and describes having kids as the “best thing ever.”

Terri is excited to engage the students by creating programs and connections throughout NH. She is intrigued by the task of catalyzing the Paul Entrepreneurship Center because of its newness, the creative freedom she has in moving the Center forward, and the infectious enthusiasm of Marc Sedam, associate vice provost of innovation and new ventures. Terri’s game plan is to kick off activities for the Entrepreneurship Center, and then work hard to sustain that momentum. She hopes to take advantage of Alpha Loft, a startup incubator, to help students transition from classroom to boardroom.

When she is not paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs, Terri enjoys yoga, cooking, hiking, reading, spending time with her three children, dog, and cat.  For more information, please contact Terri at or 603-862-5470.

Annie Schofield,
Program Support Assistant, UNHInnovation
Recent Blog Posts

The U.S. Copyright Office recently created a Fair Use Index which catalogs various fair use cases and their outcomes. Fair use is defined as “any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and ‘transformative’ purpose, such as to comment on, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work” (Stanford University Libraries). The goal of the index is to better inform the public of fair use cases by making them more accessible and understandable. The index can be found here - As a graduate intern, I have been examining fair use cases that impact higher education.
[Read More]

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UNHI at the 2015 AUTM Eastern Regional Meeting in Raleigh, NC

UNHI Licensing Manager Tim Benoît-Ledoux will be co-hosting a session titled “Social Innovation and Enterprise: No Patents Required” at the 2015 AUTM Eastern Region Meeting on August 31st. The session will cover topics related to commercialization efforts around non-patentable intellectual property and services from the academic environment. These types of innovations provide a mechanism to increase revenues for the institution through attracting public and private capital, as well as providing opportunities for the creation of academic enterprises that have high potential for broad social impact.
[Read More]

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Comings and Goings

UNHI/NHIRC Presentations

UNH Recreational Department & UNHInnovation
June 26, 2015
Presenter: Tim Benoit-Ledoux
Presentation Title: Copyrights: Use of Images, Videos, and Other Media Found Online

Research Lunch and Learn Series
June 5, 2015
Presenter: Maria Emanuel
Presentation Title: Intellectual Property & Commercialization

UNH and Alpha Loft Breakfast Roundtable
April 17, 2015
Presenter: Marc Sedam
Presentation Title: Universities as Economic Change Agents

Technology‐based Economic Development
April 14, 2015
Presenter: Marc Sedam
Presentation Title: IP and Open Innovation: Challenges in Global Development

Research and Engagement Academy
April 10, 2015
Presenter: Maria Emanuel
Presentation Title: Research Partnerships and Commercialization

Cooperative Extension
April 8, 2015
Presenter: Maria Emanuel
Presentation Title: IP 101 Review & Business Model Canvas Application

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UNHI/NHIRC Committee Participation

AUTM Board
Marc Sedam

AUTM Committees: Distance Education, Course Evaluation, Tools and Essentials
Marc Sedam

PLAN (Post-Landfill Action Network) Board
Marc Sedam

Operation Hat Trick (OHT) Board
Marc Sedam

Campus Carbon Calculator Committee
Marc Sedam

Research Innovation Committee
Marc Sedam

Alpha Loft Board
Marc Sedam

Live Free and Start Advisory Council
Marc Sedam

UNH Communicators Network
Chelsey DiGiuseppe

Seacoast School of Technology Advisory Committee
Maria Emanuel

Policy Working Group
Maria Emanuel

Seacoast School of Technology Advisory Committee
Maria Emanuel

Madbury Commons Site Planning Committee
Paige Smith, Tim Benoit-Ledoux

NHIRC Oversight Committee Meeting
Marc Sedam, Tim Benoit-Ledoux, Ellen Christo

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UNHI Attended Conferences and Events

2015 Deshpande Symposium
June 9-11, 2015
Attendee: Marc Sedam, Terri Zobel, Ellen Christo

Strategies for Protecting Goods and Services through Patents and Trademarks
Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
June 9, 2015
Attendee: Maria Emanuel, Amy Bonacquisti

One-day Conference for Office Professionals
UNH Professional Development & Training
May 28, 2015
Attendees: Annie Schofield

Strategies for Managing Open Source Software
Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
May 20, 2015
Attendee: Tim Benoit-Ledoux

NH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
NH High Tech Council
May 8, 2015
Attendee: Terri Zobel, Marc Sedam, Ellen Christo

Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market Competition
May 5, 2015
Attendee: UNHInnovation

Universities as Economic Change Agents
UNH and Alpha Loft Breakfast Roundtable
April 17, 2015
Attendees: UNHInnovation

IP and Open Innovation: Challenges in Global Development
UNH School of Law
April 14, 2015
Attendees: Maria Emanuel, Marc Sedam

Annual LGBTQA Pancake Breakfast
April 14, 2015
Attendees: Tim Benoit-Ledoux, Paige Smith

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UNHI Sponsored Seminars and Events

Event: Nantucket Conference - Young Entrepreneur Pass Sponsorship
June 9-10, 2015

Event: Catalyst Seminar
May 21, 2015
Presentation Title: Networking Event

Event: Creative Works Symposium
April 29, 2015
Presenter: Tim Benoit-Ledoux, Maria Emanuel, Ashlyn Lembree, Kristin Mendoza, Kim Peaslee, Matt Saunders, Alex Garens, Nate Kurtis, Jessica Alfano, Kate McGovern, Peter McGovern, Linda Gerson

Event: Catalyst Seminar
April 23, 2015
Presenter: TK Kuegler, Cory von Wallenstein
Presentation Title: Funding Your Innovation

Event: UNH and Alpha Loft Breakfast Roundtable
April 17, 2015
Presenter: Marc Sedam, David Windwood, Phil Weilerstein
Presentation Title: Universities as Economic Change Agents

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UNHInnovation/NHIRC in the News

UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center Announces Recipients of First Summer Seed Grant
June 30, 2015
UNH News

A ‘Business Concierge’ for UNH
June 28, 2015

UNHInnovation Appoints Manager of Partnerships
June 11, 2015

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