Attend Innovations in Agricultural Biotechnology, taking place Thursday, November 29 at 4pm in Durham, NH. 
Office for Research Partnerships & Commercialization
You're Invited! Attend the November Innovation Catalyst Seminar:

Innovations in... Agricultural Biotechnology

Thursday, November 29, 2012
4:00 - 5:00pm ET


Where: Elliott Alumni Center - Durham, NH
Speaker: Joe Emling - Director, Specialty Agriculture & Science at Ingredion Incorporated 

In a special visit to the UNH campus, Joe Emling of Ingredion Incorporated (Indianapolis, IN), will speak on "Successful Commercialization of Agricultural Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Food Economy". Learn more about Joe here.

What will you learn?
  • The challenges of managing long-timeline agricultural science investments in an environment that favors short-payback projects
  • Strategic decision making when it comes to integrating technologically while using open innovation and partnerships to leverage others' expertise
  • How breakthrough innovation in agriculture can establish a base from which multiple new product innovations are enabled
  • An overview of the integration of Sustainable Agriculture into Ingredion Incorporated's innovation processes, including specific innovations and "Design for Sustainability" principles
  • Insight into the changing landscape of genetic modification acceptance and organic farming practices around the world and how this presents opportunities and constraints on Agricultural Innovation
As always, the seminar will be followed by beer and networking from 5:00 - 7:00pm in the same room.  Join us, and learn more about the key technical hurdles and upcoming trends for the growing agricultural biotechnology field. 

See you there,

Marc Sedam
Executive Director, Office for Research Partnerships & Commercialization


Recent Posts From the ORPC Blog

Imaging Radiation in Space; Imaging Radiation in Our Backyards
Maria Emanuel, Senior Licensing Manager - November 9, 2012

  • Maria Emanuel introduces NSPECT, a portable imaging spectrometer used to detect neutron and gamma-ray emitting materials. The technology was developed by Dr. James Ryan, UNH professor of physics at the Space Science Center.
  • To uncover how NSPECT could be used locally, Maria hosted a symposium that attracted more than 50 attendees representing local & national first responder and homeland security-related agencies from NH, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 
  • The agenda included a snapshot of the state of affairs of current radioactive threats, a discussion of how the NH National Guard currently deals with radioactive threats, and a look at how NSPECT could be deployed to assist agencies in minimizing personnel exposure to radioactive sources, quickly and accurately locating radioactive sources, and identifying the source material of neutron & gammy-ray emissions. 
Understanding the Relationship between Copyright and Music
Maria Emanuel, Senior Licensing Manager - November 6, 2012
  • The ORPC collaborated with the UNH Music Department to host “Understanding the Relationship Between Copyrights and Music”, a seminar featuring Peter and Kate McGovern, Senior Intellectual Property Teaching Fellows at the UNH School of Law and experts on copyright, entertainment, and music law. 
  • Over 100 students, faculty, and staff attended to learn more about hte concept of copyrights as related specifically to music, the mechanics of making music copyrights available, and recognizing the longevity of copyrights. 
  • The critical take-home message: "The work that you create has value and you have to protect that value, whether for yourself today, for yourself in a few years, or even for your legacy planning."
  • ORPC would like to bring other relevant seminars and speakers to the UNH community. Contact Maria directly at or call 603-862-4377 to discuss topics and opportunities. 
Oh Canada, Attending the LES Annual Meeting
Tim Willis, Licensing Manager - October 31, 2012

  • Tim attended the Annual Licensing Executives Society (LES) meeting in Toronto last month. In addition to networking with industry, government, and university professionals, he was able to gain insight on new licensing opportunities and methods.
  • He learned more about: Collaborating with the government, industry and universities; Mobile apps; Licensing trends and royalty rates; New approaches to reinventing the business of university research commercialization; and Branding and licensing.
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