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Meeting Shorts

Kerri Saxby from Shooting Star, reports on November's meeting...


With bonfire night on the horizon the November meeting began with a warm welcome from Chairman, Amy Codd.

Following last month's call to action on the state of the rail infrastructure from James Fountain on behalf of the Action Group, Amy was pleased to announce that a rail summit is due to take place on Friday 9th December 2016.

Robert Jenrick MP has invited the local rail providers to attend and Amy asked members of the club to put forward suggestions to help elevate the problems which Newark continues to face

Fill the Gap in Your Marketing Plan

Following the usual meeting-wide introductions by club members and a few new faces, Jo Wilson from Fill the Gap Marketing (meeting sponsors) shared some key tips and advice on how to use marketing to grow a business or take it to the next level.

Jo urged business to undertake customer research and create a live marketing plan, one that is used to help steer the business every day, not just gather dust on a shelf. By using a range of marketing tools and communication channels Jo and her team help businesses grow. Something to consider to ensure a great start to 2017.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

With thoughts turning to the festive period, Amy  asked club members for their help in decorating the Club Christmas tree for the annual tree festival in the Parish Church. Members were invited to bring along their business cards to the next meeting to be included on the tree. Amy went on to ask businesses to bring along something that represents them, e.g. A calculator from an accountant or a mini tin of paint from a decorator. 

Members can drop their decorations in to Ringrose Law from the 1st December or to bring them along to the December meeting. The committee will decorate the tree on Friday 2nd December. Any questions please contact Lesley  or Kerri

Meet the NBA Finalists

With December firmly on the agenda, Rachel Wilson  took to the stage and invited three of the four finalists in the Successful New Business category of the Newark Business Awards 2016 to join her.
First up was Louise from A Little Bird Told Me Emporium. Louise set up the business and February and has so far encourage more than 60 local craft people to showcase their work in her shop on Balderton Gate.

Next up was Linda from The Property Booth. Based in Fernwood, Linda loves property and people, her self-coined tagline ‘Landlords, we never forget whose house it is. Tenants, we never forget whose home it is’ sums up her passion for helping both sides of the table.
Finally, Robin from Everest Inn told club members how pleased he was to have been shortlisted in the Successful New Business. The restaurant, based on Castle Gate, offers Nepalese and Indian cuisine. 


Chairman - Amy Codd
Vice Chair - Simon Shaw
Secretary - Lesley Pashley
Treasurer - Malcolm Ellison
Action Group - James Fountain
Education - Vacant
Retail Group - Elaine Ellison
Press Officer - Kerri Saxby

Why marketing doesn’t work

Joanne Wilson, Managing Director at Fill the Gap Marketing explains…
People sometimes say, “I’ve done some marketing but it didn’t work.”  Have you heard anyone say this?  Have you said it?

What it is helpful to understand is that advertising shouldn’t be labelled as marketing and social media shouldn’t be labelled as marketing. Marketing is so much more than that.

 Marketing helps you discover where your customers are, what they want and why they want it. It helps you determine the best way to communicate to your target market and what channels will get you the best return on your marketing investment. This is strategic marketing, or what I call, marketing thinking
Once your marketing thinking has been done, you can then do some marketing communicating, whether that be by using Facebook, advertising in a local magazine, or sending out email campaigns for example. A marketing plan helps you determine this.
Here are some hints and tips to help you create your own marketing plan:

  • Implement a feedback form in your business.  Always ask your customers for feedback.
  • Carry out a customer survey.  Talk to your existing customers to find out as much as possible about why they buy from you.
  • Research your competitors.  What are they doing well or doing badly?  Learn from them.
  • Scan your market.  Is it showing signs of growth or decline?  Is the government, the environment or the economy going to impact your business?
  • Set measurable objectives.  Know your goals.  Be realistic but aim high.
  • Create an action plan. Target the right people with the right message so you can achieve your goals.
  • Assign responsibilities and timescales.

By doing your marketing planning before you start communicating, you’re guaranteed to see a better return on your marketing.

Closing the Skills Gap

After the table networking and a short break for additional networking club members welcomed Rachel, Jane and Bob from Newark Family of Schools, who attended to promote Together for Newark.

The trio highlighted the benefits of businesses building relationships with schools to help bridge the skills gap and raise awareness of the range of careers that are available locally to the workforce of the future.

With many employers reporting that young people are leaving school without being ‘work ready’ with limited social skills and a lack of knowledge of appropriate business behaviour, Together for Newark is trying to bring both sides of the table together to ‘close the gap’.

Jane and Bob invited businesses to offer support to schools by delivering special assemblies and work experience or in-school projects. In return businesses will be able to advertise on the Together for Newark website.

Business interested in taking part should visit

September Business Card Draw - Graham Allen

Graham Allen is Managing Director of Corporate Money Matters (CMM), a business consultancy and corporate finance brokerage.
Having spent most of his working life in financial services, including 36 years running his own businesses, Graham has a resourceful and fiercely independent stance in the industry. He has a keen interest in innovation and tries to fund it wherever possible.
CMM looks to support businesses throughout their development, whether this relates to the purchase of premises or new equipment, sale or purchase of a company, or restructuring. A key focus in recent years has been on renewable energy technologies, including Organic Rankine Cycles and specialist Anaerobic Digestion systems.
CMM can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.  For futher information contact Graham


Next Meeting

Friday 2nd December 7am

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